Carpe diem means Seize The Day – take action now, make bold moves, to create a bigger life.

Carpe Diem Much?Are you doing this?  Or are you doing the opposite – procrastinating, putting things off, thinking things into paralysis, and waiting until you ‘feel like it’?

Have you noticed that your I’ll get to it some day approach is getting you nowhere fast? And then you start feeling bad about yourself, sluggish, then fearful that you’ll never get out of this stuck place.

Beth really, really wanted to be in a relationship. She’d been divorced for a number of years, with no children. All she was doing was going to work, coming home and eating, sleeping, and occasionally getting together with family and girlfriends on the weekends when she could summon up the energy. She was lonely and didn’t know what to do about it.

It had been so long since Beth had been on a date. She was at a complete loss about how to connect with a man and have a relationship. In social situations she wouldn’t let herself open to anyone. Beth’s feelings of unworthiness grew, and she resolved to spend her days in quiet yearning, daydreaming, and pining about a relationship. She saw herself as a failure and her desires as being needy. These became Beth’s sad secrets and she spoke of them to no one.

Over time, Beth realized her strategy wasn’t working well, and she cautiously began to share her dream with those closest to her. Amazingly, people were interested and even excited for her, and some even knew men to introduce her to! She was both delighted and astonished, but didn’t immediately take them up on their offers. She first had to build up a bit more courage.

To be ready to date she had to get her head in the right place and take the pressure off that she and only she was putting on herself.

She unclenched and got clear that she wouldn’t have to marry every man she went on a date with. She started to own the idea that she would always be at choice about who she spent time with.  And it would be her decision whether to go on a second date. Her choice! Now there was nothing getting in her way. Now she was ready to take action!

Carpe diem much? Are you taking action powerfully in your life in the areas that are important to you, or are you thinking yourself into paralysis?

How to get out of the muddle…and be Living Your Passion:

  • Notice where you’re stuck and over-thinking.
  • Reframe your mind. Flip the coin and start focusing on what you do want. For example, change
    “What I don’t want is…”
    to “What I do want is…”
  • Write it down.
  • Identify what baby step you can take toward your passion.
  • Take one step, a baby step, towards that. Once you take the first step, then take the next, and the next.
    It will get easier and easier.

Beth took one step at a time.  And, before she knew it, she was having a marvelous time meeting all kinds of men. Some were fascinating, intriguing, and attractive. Others less so. It didn’t take her long to connect with a special man who turned out to be her “guy in the sky”—the one she’d always wanted!

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To your magnificence!

Andrea Woolf

‘The Queen of Having It All
Author of Ignite Your Life! How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be
Founder of

Co-founder of
Ambassador of Manifest Money,

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