Updated: 11/21/13

What is preventing you from charging out into the world, baton held high, roaring “Carpe Diem”?  Is it your fear of failing?  Do you not have enough time?  Are you planning to get to it tomorrow or when it’s convenient?  Whatever your answer, if the thing putting off doing is something you really love, you can’t afford to wait another day!  The time to seize the day is today!

Carpe Diem when? Seize the day when?

Carpe Diem When?The obvious answer is NOW! The only thing between what you want and taking action is YOU.  Yes, you’re the star of what pace you go at in creating this thing called your life.

Jenny was a financial advisor and needed to stay current in her industry – which meant taking tests from time to time to stay compliant. It was a long time since she had taken any test.

And she was dreading it.

Jenny had a belief about herself that went way back to her early school days—that she wasn’t good at studying and retaining information, and that she was a dismal failure at passing exams.

So, fast-forward to her adult life. Jenny had struggled with this belief for many, many years.  And now here she was, faced with a test that was really significant, one that would enable her to introduce a whole new group of services to her clients.

But Jenny couldn’t get past her fear.

She was feeling the pressure big time. Of course Jenny was the one who was putting all the pressure on herself.  It was building up and building up until finally one day she couldn’t stand it. She got the materials and waded her way through them.  As she studied each section, she was amazed to discover how much she actually already knew, and how manageable the rest was.

The next step was to actually take the test.  Jenny checked into it and discovered that the testing process had completely changed. Instead of taking it in person at a testing center, she now had to take the test online.

This was a new element that Jenny had to deal with, which caused her to worry even more. She didn’t think of herself as technical, so she kept putting it off.

Even she couldn’t stand the self-torture that she was putting herself through. Jenny had built this up into this huge nuclear mushroom cloud, which she carried around every single day, all day, until she finally said to herself, “Okay, nothing can be worse than this. Carpe Diem. I’m going to sit down and take the test now!”

Amazingly enough, when she finally sat down, logged in, took the test, it was way easier than it had been in her imagination.  She had truly been expecting the worst.  And of course the reality was nothing like she what she had imagined. She actually sailed through this test, and she passed it with a 97% grade.

Needless to say, this was a HUGE success for Jenny!

Carpe Diem when? The time is NOW!

This is how you do it:

  • First of all, pick one really big thing that you’ve been putting off.
  • Stop thinking and projecting about it, expecting the worst.
  • Create a plan.
  • Get into action by taking the first step. Notice how much easier it was than you imagined.
  • Acknowledge yourself for creating movement.
  • Keep taking steps until you’ve accomplished your task.
  • Give yourself a high five and celebrate!

When you get out of your own way and get into action, you’ll see that 9 times out of 10 most of what you have thought would be difficult or impossible is nothing like you imagined, and is MUCH easier! When you seize the day and stay powerfully in action, you’ll have LOTS to celebrate!

Are you tired of putting things off? Are you aching to create change in your life? If you answered yes, then I have the perfect answer for you!

Check out my book, Ignite Your Life! How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be.  I wrote it just for you – to help you get out of your own way, and into action and moving towards what’s most important to you!

Ignite Your Life! is a simple step-by-step system that will create a profound shift in your life and will bring about the success, abundance and joy that you’ve always dreamed of! When you apply this system to each area of your life, you’ll create the juicy Life and Business of Your Dreams!

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To your magnificence!

Andrea Woolf

‘The Queen of Having It All
Author of Ignite Your Life! How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be
Founder of IgniteYourLifeBOOK.com

Co-founder of WakeUpAbundant.com
Ambassador of Manifest Money, HowtoLiveonPurpose.com

P.S.  Andrea would love to hear from you!  Use the form below to send in your comment or question.

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