How Do Positive Affirmations Work Best?

There are several key elements to make your positive affirmations work.
Positive AffirmationsThe first element is to make your affirmations a priority.  

You get to say what’s important in your life.  In other words, the level of importance that you attach to them will determine how they show up.  If you minimize or trivialize them, they will have very little power. 

So, if you want your positive affirmations to be powerfully vibrant in your life, if you want to see them working quickly, the more of you that you put into them, the better the results–and the quicker they will come alive.  
The next element is to give yourself the gift of quiet time and sacred space.
Make the experience special.  Carve out the time so you can really immerse yourself.  You will be saying your affirmations out loud, so choose your location so you have complete freedom of expression so you can say them with passion!   
The next key element to have your positive affirmations work powerfully is to make them a regular ritual.  This means create consistency.  
Create regular times to say your affirmations out loud.  The ideal times are first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  
Have your affirmations next to you on your bedside table and say them right after you wake up.  Then complete your day with them last thing at night, so that they melt into your subconscious as you fall asleep.  
Also, keep your affirmations near you during the day—for example at your desk, on your refrigerator, or in your car.  And feel free to say them during the day.  It’s wonderful to have your affirmations alive in your life.  So say them as often as works for you.
How do positive affirmations work best?

The next element is to allow yourself to be moved by them.  

What this means is to feel them, to connect to the emotions that they evoke–to feel excited,joyous, or grateful.  What this isn’t is a rote exercise.  This is about summoning your passion and zest, and pouring them into your affirmations to bring them alive.   
The final key element that is so simple and so obvious, is to believe in them.  
If you believe that they are indeed not only possible, but they are also imminent, you will breathe life into them!  Such powerful energy and vibrancy will accelerate the whole process.
Believing in your affirmations is last but not least.  This is one of the most important elements to making them a reality.
Follow these steps to make your positive affirmations WORK:

  • Make them a priority.
  • Give yourself the gift of quiet time and sacred space.
  • Make them a regular ritual.
  • Allow yourself to be moved by them.
  • Believe in them with all your heart, mind and body!

Make your affirmations important.  If you treat them like they’re special, they will be.  
And remember to have a BLAST when you’re ‘playing’ with them.  Have fun!  Be outrageous!  And watch them spring to life!

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