How does being specific help you manifest money?
manifest-moneyHave you tried and tried to attract more money into your life with no success?  Are you tired of struggling with visualizing and meditating, and just putting yourself to sleep!?
There’s a simple way to manifest money, and it takes just a few steps.  
It starts with making a decision and choosing powerfully, so that you airlift yourself out of the worry place and harness all your focus and energy on attracting and manifesting that which you really want.  
Which brings us to this inquiry.
You might know that you want more money and think that’s clear enough.  However, wanting some vague amount of money just for the sake of having it won’t summon the passion and purpose you will need to carry you through.

Take the time to drill down and get super clear on exactly what you mean.  This means getting specific about what amount of money you want and how often you want it.
For example, you might want to create an additional $500,000 of revenue in your business.  Besides knowing the amount of money you want, be clear if you mean gross or net—in other words, total revenue or after expenses.  The more specific you are, the more likely you are going to attract it.  

Then, in addition to specifying the actual amount, clarify by when you want it.  For example, if it’s $60,000 a year from now, how do you want it?  Another $5,000 a month?  The clearer you are and the more specific you are, the quicker you will manifest money.

How does being specific help you manifest money?

Another very important element to watch out for is your focus.  Treat it as sacred and treasure it!  This means pay attention to who you share this with and how they react.  Notice if they are positive and supportive, or negative and skeptical.
If they are negative and skeptical, be mindful of how much you listen to them and allow their opinions to influence you.  
If they are negative and squash your excitement, and they cause you to doubt, thank them for sharing and disregard their opinions completely!  
Your focus will take all your energy, so you want to protect it from the naysayers in your life.  Don’t give them the power to suck your energy and influence you to lose faith in this process!
So, now you’ve gotten very specific about the what, the how often, and the by when and you’re beginning the manifestation process.  Now it’s time to own and take responsibility for what you’re creating.  It doesn’t ever help to say, “What I really meant was…” when you created that which you actually asked for.  
This is how we confuse the universe!
Here’s how to be specific in your manifestation process:

  • Get clear on exactly how much you want to manifest.
  • Be specific about when you want it.
  • Focus your attention on what you want.  
  • Protect yourself from the naysayers.
  • Take full ownership of whatever it is you manifest.
  • Celebrate!

Follow these steps and you will manifest money quickly and effectively.  And remember to take the last step—to celebrate!  This process will also work in other areas of your life.  If you’re ready to attract and live the life of your dreams, click HERE to get your copy of Ignite Your Life!  How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be, or click the Buy The Book! link on this site.

To your magnificence!

Andrea Woolf

‘The Queen of Having It All
Author of Ignite Your Life! How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be
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