How Did the World Trade Center Attack Impact You?
How Did the World Trade Center Attack Impact You 275x182It has been TEN YEARS since the horrific events of September 11th.  It’s amazing that so many years have passed.  It seems like a blink of an eye.  And yet that moment changed everything!

The impact was huge on our shocked country, but somehow, we were able to keep sight of who we truly are as a nation and have grown as a result.

How did the World Trade Center attack impact you?  In what ways has it changed how you approach life?  Has it shifted your perspective on what’s most important to you?  In what ways are you different?

This event surely left its imprint on everyone’s life, not only in the United States, but also around the entire world.  This 10 year mark is a perfect opportunity to look back and review how the World Trade Center attack has changed your perspective, if not your entire life.    

On that fateful day, I had several close friends who were in the thick of it, in buildings right across the street from the World Trade Center.  They were temporarily trapped, then had to find their way through the massive amount of debris and dust and the chaos that was going on in New York as everyone fought to get away from that area on foot.  
For many hours they were unreachable.  Their families were out of their minds with worry.  Cell phones were only working intermittently because of the sheer volume of calls with so many frantically trying to reach their friends and loved onesThankfully, all of my friends made it out of the city safely.   

Very shortly thereafter, I was in New York and experienced the greatest sadness I have ever experienced in my life.  
I walked the perimeter of the boarded and barricaded area where the twin towers of the World Trade Center had so recently stood.  It was overwhelmingly sad.  Steam rose from the debris like ghostly wisps as the emergency responders feverishly toiled to find survivors.  I did this to pay homage to all those who lost their lives, to all of their families, and to all of the heroic emergency responders.
As I walked the streets of New York, I saw a sight that at first seemed strange to me.  There were huge numbers of the emergency responders in full uniform walking in groups.  Then suddenly I realized that they were all on their way to the many, many funerals being held at every church, synagogue and place of worship throughout the city to honor the true heroes who were lost that fateful day.  
I will never forget that time in New York as long as I live.   

The impact of the World Trade Center attack and the other attacks on September 11 have been huge.  These events have led to the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Will they ultimately lead us to a state of peace and resolution?  Surely, that is what we all want most!

Ten years have passed.  What to do now?
At this time of remembrance, honor those who are no longer with us and their families.  
Personally commit to making peace in your world, and trust that you will be like a pebble hitting the pond and creating peaceful ripples that will spread outward.  
Appreciate every moment that you have with those you love.  
Do something to care for others who are suffering.  
And lastly, remember that although that horrific day will be with us always, tomorrow brings with it the hope of a brighter and better future.
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To your magnificence!

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