This is a powerful inquiry!  When you harness your mind to focus on what you want, it starts to set it in motion.  The mind operates quite simply – even though it’s so easy to complicate it!  When you ask yourself a question, you can usually come up with more than one answer.  So it’s important to be mindful about what questions you’re asking yourself.

How Will Your Life Change When You Manifest Money?Imagine that future—where your wildest dreams have actually come to pass. Where everything that you’ve been hesitating to imagine has now been brought to fruition! Imagine that future where you manifest money and it’s flowing freely in your life.

How will your life actually change?

On the material level, what difference will it make now that money is plentiful in your life? What will you be able to do without even thinking about it?

For example, you might you make changes to your home. Or perhaps you’ll buy a dream home, newer or larger, or near the ocean.  Maybe the first thing you’ll do is run out and buy a whole new wardrobe for yourself!  Or buy wonderfully extravagant gifts for the ones you love.

What will you be doing when you’re living your dream?

Imagine having enough money to support your most exhilarating lifestyle! What will you be doing?  Perhaps you’ll invest in your business and grow it rapidly? Maybe you’ll sell your business and stop working?

How will your life change when you manifest money?

Think about the people in your life. What will you be able to do for them?  How would you like to be able to make a difference in their lives? Perhaps you’ll put money aside for your kids’ education.  Or maybe your grandkids’.

What will it mean to you to be in this place of future abundance? How will the quality of your life change? What will be different in your life?

Think about the image of a pebble causing ripples as it hits the water.  Now think about how your abundance will ripple out into the world and affect others as you give back.  What will you now contribute?  How will you now make a difference in the world? Perhaps you’re contributing on a grander scale.  Or perhaps you’re now able to do more.

In this future abundance, as you’re freed up to have less focus on the day-to-day, how is your life different?

Here’s how to go about answering the question: How will your life change when you manifest money?

  • Give yourself permission to dream…and to dream big! Dream until your tummy is tingling with excitement from it all. Dream until you think, “Wow! How is that going to happen?” This is not about figuring out the how. It’s about getting your vision vivid and clear.
  • Now start to get more specific with your dreams. You’ve got the big picture.  The next step is to think about the specific areas in your life where changes will occur and, within those areas, what specifically will change.
  • Record these dreamsin whatever way works best for you. Whatever will capture your dreams and begin to bring them to life in front of your eyes. For example:
    • Write a list under categories of your life – in the present tense as if you’re living it now!
    • Create a vision board.
    • Draw pictures.
    • Cut out pictures and post them on the wall.

Imagine your life when ANYTHING is possible.  When there are no limits. When you’re completely and fully at the helm of your ship. When YOU get to paint the picture in every area of your life just the way you want it!

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To your magnificence!

Andrea Woolf

‘The Queen of Having It All
Author of Ignite Your Life! How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be
Founder of

Co-founder of
Ambassador of Manifest Money,

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