Is working with purpose only for workaholics?

Is working with purpose only for workaholics?When you think of working with purpose, does a feeling of overwhelm engulf you?  Does it feel like just one more thing to think about in your already crazy busy life and packed schedule?  
And when you think of who might actually be doing this, is the first person who comes to mind your very best workaholic friend?  And isn’t there an element of heaviness and suffering when you look at their life?
However working with purpose has nothing whatsoever to do with suffering.
It doesn’t have to be like that.  It’s simply about working smart and being so connected to what you’re doing–because it’s driven by a purpose–that it actually doesn’t feel like work at all!

What it takes is you and your team being inspired, powerfully focused and in design.
YOU get to choose how it goes – always!  
And you ALWAYS have choice, especially when you think you don’t!  Where you ALWAYS have choice is how you react to what’s showing up and how you respond to people.  
So choosing to work with purpose will have every day be a great experience rather than one that you dread.
Is working with purpose only for workaholics?

The first key is to figure out what the purpose is for what you’re doing.  Perhaps it’s to make tons of money so you can make a HUGE difference in the world, or to create a stable and wonderful place to work so everybody on the team loves working there!  Or maybe it’s to put your children through college.
It doesn’t matter how lofty or modest your purpose is, as long as it’s meaningful and important to YOU!

The other key piece to working with purpose is being focused and purposeful.  This all resides in how well you manage your organization, and most importantly how well suited your team members are to their roles.  Ideally they will be perfectly matched to their skills, talents and experience, and work well in your team.  Then everybody will LOVE what they’re doing, they will be completely dedicated–and they will never leave!  
Working with purpose can be the MOST fun you ever have!  Here are the steps:

  • Know your purpose: What are you doing it for?
  • Remember you always have choice—so choose this way of working.
  • Be inspired and inspire your team!
  • Work smart: Be focused and purposeful.

When you fit all these pieces together, it creates this amazing environment where everybody works wonderfully well together!  
When you accomplish this, then you can let go of the old you that was driven like a workaholic and step into being this new leader who is focused, happy, and purposeful—and a joy to be around! 

A fabulous and incredibly easy way to connect with your purpose and the inspiration that you already are is by taking the 21-Day “I AM a Gift to the World” Challenge.  Click HERE or go to to sign up today!

To your magnificence!

Andrea Woolf

‘The Queen of Having It All
Author of Ignite Your Life! How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be
Founder of

Co-founder of
Ambassador of Manifest Money,

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