Thought for the Day: What Makes You Angry?  
thought-for-the-dayDo you find it’s more the situations in your life, or is it more the people around you–either at work or at home?  Often, it’s those closest to you who know exactly how to press your buttons…just like you do with them!  
Are there certain things that trigger you, that wreck your day, that just get your stomach churning?  
It’s not uncommon that it’s the same kind of people or situations that trigger you over and over again.   
Often, if it’s people that are the catalyst, they’re doing it for a reason.  
When you’re in the thick of the emotion of anger, you’re probably not going to sit down and analyze the situation!  It would probably produce a different outcome if you did.  However, you’re probably going to do what is most common, which is to simply react to the other person.  
Typically, what it is that the person wants is attention.  And since any attention is better than none, just like little kids, people will do whatever is necessary to get your attention–whether it’s positive or negative.  They will metaphorically poke you to get your attention or act out in some less than pleasant way.  
This thought for the day begs an even more provocative question: Can anyone actually ‘make you’ DO or FEEL anything–including and especially anger?  
Is it possible that this is a phenomenon that is external to you?  Of course not, because the emotion of anger is inside you.  And the one place where you have complete domain is over YOU!  
And that includes how you choose to react to anything and everything.
All it takes is a certain level of mastery over yourself to not succumb to temptation and merely react.
Another major trigger for anger is when your values are being challenged.  For example, if one of your core values is justice, then if what you see or hear is even is blatantly unjust, it’s going to cause the bile to rise inside your tummy and you’ll feel compelled to do something to put a stop to the injustice.
Similarly, if your most important values are integrity and honesty and if you encounter overt lying or dishonesty, it’s going to trigger a strong visceral reaction in you and, if left unchecked, could lead to anger.
Thought for the Day: What makes you angry?

So how do you handle anger?  There is no one way that everyone does this.  You handle it your way, and probably differently at different times.  
Do you:

  • stuff it down?
  • squish it or suffocate it?
  • pretend that it’s not happening?
  • get angry at yourself for being angry?
  • get angry at the world?
  • want retribution?

The next time you get angry, notice how you handle it and, if you have the presence of mind, ask yourself, “How is that really working for me?”  

If how you are handling it is by masterfully maintaining your serenity and staying calm, then great.  However, for the most part, no matter what level of supreme being you have attained, it’s virtually impossible to maintain complete control of yourself at all times!

The wonderful thing about being a work in progress is that you have permission to examine what’s working and what’s not working for you, and look at how you’re handling your life.  If something you’re doing isn’t working and you can accept fully that you may not have handled it perfectly, without being the least bit hard on yourself, simply decide what would work better next time.  

If you had the wisdom of Solomon, how would you handle anger differently in your life?
This is an amazingly powerful inquiry because if you consider the possibility that you have that level of wisdom already within you, then you can remember that you always have choice, and then can choose differently.  This is underlying message of this thought for the day.
When you’re angry, it’s one of those moments when you quickly forget that you have choice.  So, embrace that you do have the wisdom of Solomon within you, and can powerfully choose how you handle anger when it comes up.
It’s not that it will never ever appear again!  It’s that you will now have domain over it because you will remember that you have choice.
Enjoy this new wise you!  And notice how this new way of being, and these new choices that you’re making impact and change your life.  If you’re ready to relieve your daily stress and experience more happiness in your life, click HERE or go to to take the 21-Day “I AM a Gift to the World” Challenge.

To your magnificence!

Andrea Woolf

‘The Queen of Having It All
Author of Ignite Your Life! How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be
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