Friday, January 18, 2019
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Have you been getting hit or miss results with your positive affirmations?  Or do they seem to not work at all? Part of the human condition is that, if left alone, we flail around undisciplined and unfocused. In the world of positive affirmations, without structure, regular practice, and commitment, they have no way to take effect. So, quite simply, one of the ways to get the most out of them is to create structure in your day so that they actually have an impact and cause positive ripples throughout your day. That is the point of them! So what could structure look like?  There isn’t any one... (Read More ...)

To manifest money in any amount, whether it’s small or large, is ALL about mindset. Think about all of the influences that keep you limited: the conditioning and beliefs you inherited from your family, other beliefs that you continue to adopt, negativity, limiting beliefs from friends, the media, and on and on.  All of these will most definitely get in your way to manifest money! Pay attention to your belief system.  Whatever you believe is true! When you believe something is hard or impossible, it is.  When you believe it’s easy and completely possible, remarkably it shows up that... (Read More ...)

Do positive affirmations seem to work great for other people but not so much for you?  Or maybe your results are hit and miss? There’s a secret to getting the most out of your affirmations–pay attention to the following three elements: 1. Be Relaxed This sounds completely obvious.  However, since you’re probably scurrying from one thing to the next, checking things off of your to-do list, you’re probably in “gotta get things done” mode instead of “breathe, relax and receive” mode . If you take on using your affirmations in this way, they may or may not be as effective. ... (Read More ...)

Imagine you’re making a cake.  Let’s clarify what ingredients you need to make the best cake ever! No doubt you’ve heard the phrase, “What you focus on expands.”  What this means is that the more you focus on something you really want, the more it will show up for you. A really common experience of this is the following: Have you ever thought about buying a new car that’s a brand new model on the market? So you go online, and you pick the model and the color you want.  Before you started this process, you weren’t seeing the car anywhere.  Then suddenly... (Read More ...)

Let’s start with the basic premise: Thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions, actions lead to results. The idea behind this premise is that the mind is infinitely powerful!  All human experience starts with a thought, and this thought can be either positive or negative.  You actually get to choose either consciously or unconsciously which way that thought goes. Each thought is like a pebble hitting the pond.  It creates a ripple, and it’s either positive or negative.  From that ripple you feel your way into everything. This then leads to the actions you take, and in turn... (Read More ...)

What are these magic words and where are they lurking…?  The magic words to manifest money are found in affirmations. So what are affirmations?  They are: concise declarations, written in the present tense, that express your desires in every area of your life, as if they have already happened. For them to work, it’s essential that you believe with every fiber of your being that they’re not only possible, but are actually coming to you NOW! By harnessing your mind and your thoughts, you elevate your energy, which in turn accelerates the manifestation process. So, if you start to feel... (Read More ...)

Denise was tired of being in her body. She had tried every program known to mankind.  They either didn’t work – meaning she didn’t lose any weight at all – or she lost the weight, but as soon as she started eating normally again, she put it all back on, and then some! She was at her wits’ end.  She secretly hated her body, even though she put on a cheerful face to the outside world.  Getting in and out of the shower in the morning, she carefully avoided looking at herself in the mirror.  And she always chose clothes that were loose and comfortable, that covered up all her ‘flaws,’... (Read More ...)

The first step to simple living is to look at how you’re organizing your life. Are you flying by the seat of your pants, or do you have a system to get things done? Perhaps like most of us you’re using a combination of the two. At times you’re organized, and at times you’re definitely more ‘spontaneous’  – in other words, you have no system! Imagine if you had an actual system to manage all your to do’s. Imagine you have developed one that helps you to organize everything you need to get done in every area of your life – both your business and personal life. Visualize that... (Read More ...)

Many things can get in the way of simple living. It’s all too common for life to be rushing by, happening at you, so you can hardly keep up because there’s so much to do. However, the biggest obstacle to simple living is, that tricky little phrase: “I’ll just .” Have you every noticed when you have specific projects to get done, and you say to yourself (usually unconsciously), “Oh I’ll just answer these three emails,” or “I’ll just make that quick call.” “I’ll just” is a trap. It’s all too easy to end up completely distracted and scattered because you end up doing... (Read More ...)

Trisha was a no-frills, fiercely independent force to be reckoned with. She grew up in a strict home where life was hard. Her parents had both grown up poor and worked hard to provide for Trisha and her two brothers. Her parents took good care of them – they clearly loved their children, but they were people of few words and truly minimalists when it came to showing emotion. It was expected that everyone would help with the chores without any acknowledgement or thanks. That was just how it was. Now as an adult, Trisha found herself running her business just like her parents ran the household. It... (Read More ...)