Friday, February 22, 2019
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Thought for the Day:  Are You Giving Life All You’ve Got?   “Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does.”  -William James Does life feel like a playground of Ease and Joy?  Do you see endless opportunities to create a life where Have It ALL?  Or do you bump up against your glass ceiling and stop yourself over and over again? If you’re feeling stuck, there are a few simple things you can do to free yourself up and start creating the life you’re yearning for.   Everything you think and everything you do ripples out into the world and makes an impact, positive or negative. ... (Read More ...)

Thought for the Day: How Great Are You?
“It’s hard to be humble when you are as great as I am.” Muhammad Ali  

 What a powerful declaration about himself! What is your first reaction to his pronouncement to the world?  Does it seem arrogant?  Or over the top?  Is that little voice inside your head saying, “Who does he think he is?” Well, you wouldn’t be alone.  That was the initial reaction to Muhammad Ali when he first spoke those words many years ago.  
However, let’s look at it another way.  What if it just means that he truly... (Read More ...)

How Did the World Trade Center Attack Impact You? It has been TEN YEARS since the horrific events of September 11th.  It’s amazing that so many years have passed.  It seems like a blink of an eye.  And yet that moment changed everything! The impact was huge on our shocked country, but somehow, we were able to keep sight of who we truly are as a nation and have grown as a result. How did the World Trade Center attack impact you?  In what ways has it changed how you approach life?  Has it shifted your perspective on what’s most important to you?  In what ways are you different? This... (Read More ...)

Thought for the Day: How Can I Give Up Struggle? Have you been struggling in your life?  It’s probably something that you’ve gotten used to and even come to expect.  Struggling has most likely become a habit, and you didn’t even know it.  It has become your security blanket, a warm familiarity that you wrap yourself in.  And yet struggle is exactly what you don’t want to be doing, even though you’re the one doing it! The thing about struggle is that it often feels like it’s coming from something external.  It feels like it’s not from you, of you, and... (Read More ...)

What Are Three Counter-Intuitive Time Management Tips That Work? You might be wondering what the reason is for counter-intuitive time management tips.  Indeed, it does seem curious!  Here’s the answer: they will help you trick your mind.  “And why do I need to do that?” you might ask.  The reason is you’re smart.  And when you’re smart you’re also super complex.  In other words, you make things complicated!  So by playing this game with your mind, you will be able to get more done in less time and with less struggle and effort! Here are the three counter-intuitive time management... (Read More ...)

Thought for the Day: What Makes You Angry?   Do you find it’s more the situations in your life, or is it more the people around you–either at work or at home?  Often, it’s those closest to you who know exactly how to press your buttons…just like you do with them!   Are there certain things that trigger you, that wreck your day, that just get your stomach churning?   It’s not uncommon that it’s the same kind of people or situations that trigger you over and over again.    Often, if it’s people that are the catalyst, they’re doing it for a reason.... (Read More ...)

Is working with purpose only for workaholics? When you think of working with purpose, does a feeling of overwhelm engulf you?  Does it feel like just one more thing to think about in your already crazy busy life and packed schedule?   And when you think of who might actually be doing this, is the first person who comes to mind your very best workaholic friend?  And isn’t there an element of heaviness and suffering when you look at their life? However working with purpose has nothing whatsoever to do with suffering.  It doesn’t have to be like that.  It’s simply about working smart... (Read More ...)

Time Management Tips: Are You Frittering Away Your Time? Do you find yourself wondering at the end of the day “Where did all the time go?” and, “What on earth did I get done?”  If so, you’re probably not using your time management tips and are likely frittering away your time to some degree or another.    While time is your most precious commodity, you can’t go buy it anywhere.  So making the most of it surely makes sense, right?  And yet it’s amazing how unconscious you can go about the very thing that’s so valuable. There’s a simple way to get a... (Read More ...)

Thought for the Day: How Do You Handle Fear? How to handle fear is a significant thought for the day. Fear is indeed a powerful emotion.  Left unchecked, it can paralyze you, stop you in your tracks, and suck the life out of you, leaving you feeling powerless to move in any direction, never mind forward.   So, for this thought for the day, it’s really important to understand how you handle fear and not go unconscious around this powerful emotion.  It’s so powerful, in fact, that it’s almost taboo to even think about it. Most people have no tools or strategies to handle it.... (Read More ...)

This is the last in a three-part series on some really great time management tips to help you manage your time, and organize your life. To view part 1, click this link for What Are Some Really Great Time Management Tips? Pt. 1 To view part 2, click this link for What Are Some Really Great Time Management Tips? Pt. 2 What are some really great time management tips? Pt. 3 1. Organize your office–especially your desk. Are you wasting time looking for stuff? Do you find yourself rifling through stacks of papers looking for that one document or piece of paper that you wrote a note to yourself... (Read More ...)