Friday, February 22, 2019
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Updated date: 1/14/14 As I regularly assert, one of the most powerful ways to strengthen any business relationship is to show your appreciation for a job well done, for being great at what they do, for their commitment and contribution, and so on.  Most people are acknowledgement deprived.  So when you make that extra effort and actually acknowledge your prospect or client for something that’s great about them, you’ll be giving them a rare gift.  They’ll soak it up and appreciate you more!  What a great foundation for a business relationship! How Well Do Words of Appreciation Work in... (Read More ...)

Updated: 11/22/13 Have you ever experienced Relationship Problems where you felt exactly like the people look like in this photo?  Where one or both of you just can’t get past your hurt or upset.  When you practice the secrets in this article, you’ll dissolve those moments quicker and quicker so eventually they’re barely a blip on the screen! Whether you’re single and dating or married, are you struggling in your relationship? Perhaps you’re feeling that it’s less than fulfilling. Is it less than the relationship you always dreamed you’d have? Or are you struggling to find a... (Read More ...)

Are Relationship Problems Inevitable? Part 2  In the previous article, Are Relationship Problems Inevitable?, clearly relationship problems are absolutely not inevitable.  That is of course if you have the right tools! So, what are the right tools? First, check in to make sure you have these key elements at play:   You let go of needing to be right. You’re seeking to resolve and not blame. You focus on your partner. You seek to create understanding. You come from love and forgiveness. You’re clear what your intention is.  You know your ideal desired outcome. These powerful... (Read More ...)

Are Relationship Problems inevitable? The simple answer is absolutely not!  In fact, they can be averted altogether.  All it takes are the right tools.

 But without them, it feels like there’s absolutely no way to get clear about what’s really going on, and to understand what’s really at the heart of your partner’s and your upset.  And so you both find yourselves merely reacting to each other – at times like exposed electric wires! It’s amazing how one seemingly insignificant issue can adversely every aspect of your relationship, from communication to sex and... (Read More ...)

How Do Your Words of Appreciation Help You Grow?
Here’s a wonderful quote from Voltaire for you: “Appreciation is a wonderful thing.  It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”     
Appreciation really makes a difference!  
 You might think that saying something great to another person will contribute to helping them feel better about themselves.  Let’s say you acknowledge a team member for something they’ve done well.  It definitely brightens their day, right?  Your thinking is definitely correct.  There’s nothing like... (Read More ...)

How Do Unrealistic Expectations Cause Relationship Problems? Many relationship problems are caused when you project onto another person what you want in or from them.  And most of the time, this is unspoken – in other words, it’s all in your mind!    How many people do you know who are in relationships either hoping the other will change or just seeing them the way they want them to be and not necessarily how they are? Have you ever experienced feeling hurt about something your partner did or didn’t do, and then kept it to yourself?  You held it inside and they didn’t have a... (Read More ...)

How Can Words of Appreciation Have Impact?  When you’re communicating, what is your primary goal?  Surely it is to have impact.  When you speak, is it just about the words you say?  What does it take for them to have impact?    This is especially important when it comes to words of appreciation.  Because when you’re expressing gratitude, appreciation, and acknowledgement you want it to be heard and to mean something to the person you’re saying it to.  So let’s take a closer look at what methods you’re using to communicate:   1.  Relying on psychic ability This is the most... (Read More ...)

How are relationship problems actually blessings in disguise? Diane was an emotional wreck.  Things were strained with her husband, Jeff.  He was impatient and critical almost all the time.  At his best, Jeff was aloof and barely communicated, and at his worst he was short tempered and borderline aggressive.  To say the least, things were not going well.  Diane could not figure out where their relationship had gone wrong.  She looked inward to see if perhaps it was something that she had caused, but could not find an event or a moment that she could connect with being the cause of all this. The... (Read More ...)

Can words of appreciation cause a friendly divorce? Lisa and Steve were struggling in their marriage.   Each of them were in separate corners.  They had gathered around themselves friends and family who were not only doing nothing to make the situation better, they were making it a hundred times worse!  Each of their groups were just fanning the flame of everything that was wrong with the other and their relationship.   Lisa had known for quite some time that it wasn’t working out between them. They’d been married for almost fifteen years but were now almost strangers with each... (Read More ...)

Do you have relationship problems in your business? Do you love your business but dread dealing with your team members?  Do you sometimes yearn for the old days when it was just you?  Are you finding that your days are consumed with dealing with petty squabbles and personality issues between your team members?  These are some of the most common problems in business today, especially for you, the business owner. Aren’t they the most consuming and annoying aspects that you deal with in your business?  Well, it doesn’t have to be this way.    What has probably happened somewhere... (Read More ...)