Updated Date: 1/10/14

If your dream is to create an extraordinary life out of the standard life you’re living, the first thing to do is take a look at what’s not working and what’s painful in your life right now. From this, you’ll clarify what you don’t want, which then opens up the wonderful opportunity to see what you actually do want. Then it’s easy to springboard into creating that extraordinary life, filled with everything that your heart desires.

How Can Your Standard Life Become an Extraordinary Life?

How Does Your Standard Life Become an Extraordinary Life?Are you living a ho-hum life? Are you yearning for more, but have no clue how to create it? Do you feel like you have a standard life that has little value compared to others? Do you feel that there’s no way you could have an extraordinary life? That’s for others who are more important than you?

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Having an extraordinary life is for absolutely everyone – including and especially YOU! It’s there for the taking…for you to create it so.

It has nothing to do with the external. It’s not what others say or think about you, nor if they judge or deem you extraordinary. It’s what you say about you that will make your life extraordinary in the most meaningful and profound way.

What often stops you is the habit of comparing yourself and measuring your life against others. It’s one of the most disempowering things you can do. It’s a trap! Comparing yourself to anyone else only causes limited thinking, self-criticism and paralysis. There is only one you, and you get to say what’s extraordinary for you. Nobody else!

Perhaps what’s extraordinary for you is to be a loving spouse, a wonderful parent, a sensational team member, or an amazing leader.  Or maybe for you it’s about causing transformation on the planet and healing millions of people. It’s your scale and no one else’s that matters. This is all about youYou are the star of your show!

Can your standard life become an extraordinary life?

Here’s how:

  • Make a short list of what’s most important to you in your life.
  • Write down your answers to the following questions:
    • What are you here for?
    • What are you passionate about?
    • Where do you make a difference right now?
    • Where do you want to make a difference?
  • Review all your answers. You will see what really matters to you and what will have your life be truly extraordinary.

At the essence of an extraordinary life is knowing what matters most and then living by it. It’s leading a life that is driven by what gives most meaning, and being true and authentic to that no matter what. It takes being fully awake to it and mindful of it every day, and owning the importance of it in any and all circumstances.

Once you awaken and live this way, you will stand taller and prouder, with a profoundly greater sense of self, and you will have much more fulfillment in your life.

Are you yearning to transform your standard life today? Does the thought of actually getting into action excite you? Are you ready to get started now?! If so, then I have something just for you!

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To your magnificence!

Andrea Woolf

‘The Queen of Having It All
Author of Ignite Your Life! How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be
Founder of IgniteYourLifeBOOK.com

Co-founder of WakeUpAbundant.com
Ambassador of Manifest Money, HowtoLiveonPurpose.com

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