Do you often find yourself alone at the office, the only one who’s staying late?   Are you tired of hearing resigned sighs when asking for something extra from your team?  Are you struggling to get your team to be as passionate as you are about your business?

Working With PurposeIf any of this applies to you, rest assured there is hope. It’s going to take making some changes—and the first one is to begin working with purpose.

In this case, working with purpose is about engaging your team in such a way that, even though it’s your business, they participate as if it’s their own business.

Each one of them owns whatever role they hold—and they truly get that their contribution matters.  What will happen when you achieve this is you will now have a team of leaders — people who are completely self-motivated, and the results will be very different.

It’s all about engagement.

Perhaps somewhere along the line, you became more like a mother figure, and your requests of your team members now feel like nagging.  So they either stay away from you, avoid you like teens resisting parents, or they do only what they have to do as if they’re being asked to clean their room.  They are far from eager, and they’re definitely not proactive with you.

If you want them to step up in some way, invite them to do that. Have you stopped asking for what you want from them?  Is it because you believe they won’t deliver?  If so, that needs to stop. You need to be calling forth each person’s greatness–they will rise like cream and step into the potential that you see in them if you simply ask it of them.

The first step is to look at what’s working in the interaction between you and your team and what isn’t. Identify who on your team is engaged and who isn’t. Those that aren’t are the ones to address one-on-one rather than taking them on team-wide.

The key here is to not react to the behaviors that are the opposite of working with purpose, but to do what you can to ignite the passion inside each team member.  It won’t be the same for each person.  And this is usually very easy. They will be able to tell you what is missing for them to be working optimally and keeps them from enjoying their job.

Amazingly enough, there is no heavy lifting for you to do.  They are going to have the answers.  You’ll learn what isn’t working from them!

Find out from each person what would have them enjoy their position and their work much more.  Once you find out what would cause them to light up and really have much more fun at work, all there is to do is to help them get there. In the process, they will naturally be more proactive with you because they will be more engaged.

Another really important thing to do is to play together as a team–-to reach the point where everyone is working with purpose and really aligned, as well as enjoying the process! It’s as important to do this as it is to work well together, and it’s most commonly forgotten.

Schedule random fun activities.  For example, take Friday afternoon off and go to do some fun thing as a team like have a barbeque, or hold a potluck outdoors somewhere–or even right there in the office.

It can be incredibly simple or more lavish, whatever is the best fit for you.  Whatever the size or scope of the activity, what’s important about it is that everyone will get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company—and connect with each other in ways that don’t happen in the course of working together.  This will make a HUGE difference!

What if others don’t share your passion for working with purpose?

To get everyone in your office working passionately together as a cohesive team, follow these easy steps:

  • Take a look, from your perspective, at what’s working and what’s not working. This can be the office as a whole, as well as individual and team dynamics.
  • Come together with your team. Re-establish where you are wanting to go as a company and ask what improvements they might make.
  • Have individual meetings with each of the team members who are not passionately engaged.  Find out what would have them love their job.
  • Start to implement the changes they request.
  • Check in with them regularly to see how they’re doing and if the changes are working for them.
  • Schedule random fun activities for the whole team.

As you implement all of the above, watch how quickly and easily your entire team is now working with purpose—and not only that, they’re all having a GREAT time doing so!

Do you find yourself “avoiding” rather than creating in your business and your life?  Are you ready to focus on your purpose—what you’re really here to do?  If so, click HERE for the 21-Day “I AM a Gift to the World” Challenge.

To your magnificence!

Andrea Woolf

‘The Queen of Having It All
Author of Ignite Your Life! How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be
Founder of

Co-founder of
Ambassador of Manifest Money,

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