Friday, August 17, 2018
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Light Your Fire! 30-Day Challenge Day 1

Light Your Fire!


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Hi [wlm_firstname],   

Welcome to Day 1 of your Light Your Fire! 30-Day Challenge!  I’m absolutely thrilled that you’ve taken the leap and are ready to take this powerful program.

Before we get into action on Day 1, let me take you by the hand and tell you a few things about how the Challenge will work.  This information will only appear on this page, and you can come back to it any time.  Now take a deep breath, sit in your favorite comfy chair, and here we go.  

Every day you’ll get a message like this that contains everything you need to successfully complete your Light Your Fire! Challenge.  You’ll have easy practices to think and write about, listen to, and take action on in your life. 

If you want to refer back to anything on this page, or any of your practice pages, you will easily find them in your Members Area.


 Here are a few “Helpful Notes” about your Exercises and Resources…

  • Ideally, carve out 20-30 minutes at the beginning of each day to do these practices. They are designed to keep your mind engaged throughout the day.  
  • If you can’t do the processes all at once, no problem.  Start as early as you can so that you give yourself time to do the assignments for that day.   
  • Each day builds on the days before.  So that you can see progress and get results from your Challenge, be sure to complete everything on your daily pages.  

  • Be sure to join your Light Your Fire! Facebook Group. (See Step 5 below.) This is where you’ll connect and interact with this yummy community! 
  • At the end of each week, and at the end of the Challenge, you’ll be notating your insights, wins and challenges on your Weekly Progress Journal pages.  Be sure to keep these and all your exercises and in a binder.  Not only will this help you track your progress, it will also help you create your weekly Facebook posts.
  • When you do all your exercises, including posting regularly in your Facebook Group, it will get you one step closer to be eligible to WIN one of the 3 amazing prizes awarded monthly!  

***Check out the details in the Most Improved Entrepreneur Competition section below.  


Remember, everything is a process, so be gentle with yourself.

And most of all, remember to HAVE FUN!

To Your Magnificence!

Andrea Woolf
The Queen of Having it All 

P.S.  If you’d like to experience more partnership and fun while taking the Challenge, feel free to invite your friends and family!  Encourage each other along the way, and watch your commitment level rise and your successes get even sweeter!




So now so let’s get started on Day 1!



Topic of the Week


Are You Stuck?

This week is about the hooks that get you stuck and keep you from living the juicy life you want to live.  



Step 1: Daily “Shot of Andrea” Recordings


Andrea Woolf - The Queen of Having It All


Your Daily “Shot of Andrea” Recordings will explain your Daily Practices and help you stay inspired throughout the day.  

FREE Members: You can listen to the recordings.  

GOLD Members: Feel free to listen to the recordings or download them to your favorite listening device.


FREE Members:
Click the button below to listen to your Daily Recording.



GOLD Members:
Click the button above to listen to your recording.  And use the instructions below to download it. 

1. Click this button to download your recording. [includewlmlevel inclevelid=”1340960245″ messagetodisplay=”(Content for Light Your Fire Gold Members only.)“] [/includewlmlevel]

Firefox or Safari:
•  PC users – Right-click the link, and select ‘Save link as’.
•  Mac users – Click link.

Internet Explorer:
PC Users – Right-click the link, and select ‘Save target as’. 
Mac users – Click link.

2. Import this download into your audio file program.



Step 2: Sizzling Affirmations


Sizzling Affirmations

Your Sizzling Affirmations will keep you motivated and focused throughout the day. They will help you create new possibilities to replace your old and limiting beliefs. You can also use them to find strength if doubt creeps in.

How to use your affirmations:

•  Create your environment –  Give yourself the gift of quiet time and sacred space to say your affirmations.

  • Make them a priorityCreate time first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and as often as possible throughout the day to repeat your affirmations.
  • Allow yourself to be moved by them – Affirmations work best when you incorporate your senses and your emotions.  Allow yourself to actually believe them.  Then speak them with zest, as if what you’re saying is absolutely true in your life RIGHT NOW.  
  • Feel free to add your own – If you’re working on something specific in your life, write the clearest and most positive statement of what you want. Say it out loud to make sure it makes your tummy tingle as you say it.  If it doesn’t, tweak it until it does.  Then add it to your list below.

Here are this week’s Sizzling Affirmations.  Now say them out loud with passion and gusto!

My true potential lives in the choices I make now.
My options and opportunities multiply as I take action.



Step 3: “Light Your Fire!” Practices 


Light Your Fire Observation Exercise

Your Light Your Fire! Daily Practices contain easy exercises (observation, verbal, written), and thought provoking processes designed to keep you powerfully moving forward.

The practice for Day 1 of each week is an Observation Exercise.  It’s designed to keep you engaged throughout the day in the process of seeing what’s working in your life, and what’s not.  

Creating change starts with becoming aware of what you want to change, and then seeing where you are now in relationship to that change.  Without this, you’ll continue to do the same thing and produce the same results.

As you start to see the gaps between where you are now and what you want in your life, be gentle on yourself.  Your inner critical voice might show up for a visit.

Instead of being hard on yourself or getting into judgement, use your Sizzling Affirmations to harness and refocus that wonderful mind of yours.


Observation ExerciseWhere are the gaps in your life?

While you’re going through your day, think about where you’re not feeling fulfilled; where you’re wanting more; where you’re yearning and longing for something different; where you’re experiencing persistent anger, frustration or disappointment; and where you’re over-thinking. 

In other words, where are the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be?

For example: 

  • Are you yearning to feel peaceful and loving, or are you regularly angry or frustrated with your spouse, friend or business team?
  • Do you long to travel, yet you can’t seem to get away from work, or you don’t have the resources?
  • Do you have a great idea that could generate income, but you don’t have time to pursue it?
  • Are you yearning for BIG love, and instead find yourself settling for morsels?



Step 4: Hot Resources



The articles you’ll find here in each day will help you gain more clarity around the Weekly Topic and the Daily Assignment.

Check out this article:
Inspirational Sayings: Are You Still Learning?





Step 5: “Light Your Fire!” Facebook Groups


This is where you’ll connect, share, and interact with your Light Your Fire! 
Community and Andrea.

FREE Members: Your Light Your Fire! Group will be public.  
GOLD Members: Your Light Your Fire! GOLD Group will be private.

Come and join your Facebook group!  

Change happens quickest when you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals—people who are creating change like you.  When you grow, everyone grows!  

In this brilliant community, there are wise people who each have unique knowledge and expertise.  They will be there to support you, as you will be there to support them.  As this happens, you’ll be inspired to keep moving and growing.

Use your Group to ask questions, find support, get clarity, share your successes, and discuss challenges you run into while taking the Challenge. 


FREE Members:

Click HERE to join your public Facebook Group.  Press the “Join Group” button that’s located under the Light Your Fire! banner, on the right. 

GOLD Members:

Click [includewlmlevel inclevelid=”1340960245″ messagetodisplay=”(Content for Light Your Fire Gold Members only.)“]HERE[/includewlmlevel] to join your private Facebook Group.  Press the “Join Group” button that’s located under the Light Your Fire! banner, on the right.  


After your request to join the group has been accepted, be sure to introduce yourself by answering these 3 questions in a post:

  • What business are you in?  
  • What do you most want to change in your business?
  • What do you most want to change in your personal life? 



Step 6: GOLD Member LIVE Calls With Andrea    


Gold Member Live Calls

Be sure to attend your weekly LIVE Calls with Andrea!   

In these LIVE and LIVELY 1-hour interactive calls, you’ll explore the life-enriching topic of the week.  You’ll also have the opportunity to work directly with Andrea. 

***To register for for your weekly calls, please click [includewlmlevel inclevelid=”1340960245″ messagetodisplay=”Content for Light Your Fire Gold Members only.“]HERE[/includewlmlevel].***    

Be on the lookout for emails from Ina Gilmore with your Live Weekly Call reminders and information.  Please be sure to add her to your contacts and/or place her in your email “safe list.”  If you don’t see an email from her come through, please check your spam folder.

For instructions to get onto your LIVE Calls, and to check out the system requirements for GoToWebinar,  click [includewlmlevel inclevelid=”1340960245″ messagetodisplay=”Content for Light Your Fire Gold Members only.“]HERE[/includewlmlevel].*** 


Download of Your LIVE Call

What if you’re a GOLD Member and you can’t make the call?  No worries!  

Want to listen to the Weekly call and get inspired all over again?  Absolutely!

You can listen to the Weekly calls anytime, anywhere.  As a GOLD Member, you can download the recordings of your LIVE Weekly calls and place them on your favorite listening devices.

Click [includewlmlevel inclevelid=”1340960245″ messagetodisplay=”Content for Light Your Fire Gold Members only.“]HERE[/includewlmlevel] to access your weekly recordings. 


How could the Light Your Fire! 30-Day Challenge get any



By awarding amazing PRIZES to the

Most Improved Entrepreneurs!




Light Your Fire!

Most Improved Entrepreneur Contest


To make the Challenge really exciting we’ve upped the ante!

All you have to do is take 3 SIMPLE STEPS to qualify, and you’ll be eligible to win one of these fabulous prizes EVERY MONTH:


Grand Prize  A WHOPPING $4,997 Value!

1-year membership to the Ignite Your Life! Group Coaching Program 

In this 1-year, by invitation only coaching program, you’ll discover powerful strategies that will melt away the obstacles that have been keeping you perpetually frustrated.  You’ll also learn simple systems to help you design and live a truly fulfilling and juicy life!


2nd Prize  Total Value over $1,290!

Create Your Best Year Ever, Andrea’s 4-part audio series

(Valued at $297)

Given as a forefunner to Andrea’s yearlong Ignite Your Life! Group Coaching Program, this wildly popular teleseminar series offers insightful processes to: 

    • clarify where you’re stuck in your life 
    • get clear on what changes you want to make 
    • identify what’s REALLY most important to you and what your priorities actually are, and
    • create powerful vision for your business and personal life!

You will dream, and dream BIGGER. You’ll create a juicy vision that’s SO exciting you can hardly breathe. You’ll stop trying to figure out why you’re not getting what you want out of life. You’ll KNOW what it’s going to take…and you’ll BELIEVE you can do it! 

PLUS, 1-hr. one-on-one HAVE IT ALL Strategy Session with Andrea! 
(Valued at $997)

In your HAVE IT ALL Strategy Session, you’ll clarify what’s most important to you right now and where you want to make significant changes in your life.  You’ll uncover your ideal vision and a strategic approach to accomplishing it!  You’ll see what it will take to grow yourself and your vision, and the simple steps it will take to get you there. 


3rd Prize  Total Value $997!

1-hr. HAVE IT ALL Strategy Session with Andrea (See the exciting details above.)



Here are the 3 simple steps

to qualify for these amazing prizes!


1.  Join your Light Your Fire! Facebook Group the day you start the Challenge. 

2.  The day you join, introduce yourself to your Facebook Group by answering these 3 questions:

    • What business are you in?  
    • What do you most want to change in your business?
    • What do you most want to change in your personal life? 

Go for it!  Get excited!  Your Facebook Group community is there to support, uplift and inspire you.  The more you share, the more benefit you’ll receive!

3.  Once a week, post your answers to the following 3 questions on your Facebook Group page:

What did you learn this week?
• What action did you take this week?
• What results did you get this week?


That’s it!  To qualify to win, all you have to do is: 1) Join your Light Your Fire! Facebook Group page, 2) Introduce yourself, and 3) Post your answers once a week.  EASY!


Each and every month the 3 lucky entrepreneurs

who follow the simple steps and

make the most progress will

WIN these fabulous prizes!


It could be YOU!


On the 5th of each month

we’ll announce the lucky winners

on both Facebook Group pages, 

so we can all celebrate their progress

and the success they have achieved!




Note: The winners of the Most Improved Entrepreneur Contest are chosen at the discretion of the Light Your Fire! team.


Final Thoughts:   

Congratulations!  Great job!  You’ve made it through Day 1.

Have you completed today’s assignments?  Remember, each day builds on the days before.  Be sure to complete all your assignments so you’ll get the FULL value of the Challenge! 

If the little voice in your head has been stopping you, think of this:  

You can have excuses or results.  Which do you want?  

The steps on these pages are laid out to make it easy for you to follow, and to keep you moving forward.  They both guide you to see what you want to change in your life, as well as what you can do to create this change.

It’s time to make the new and different choices it will take to Light Your Fire! and take your life to a whole new level.

Can’t wait to ‘see’ you tomorrow!


***To see the other Daily Practice Pages you have access to, go to your Light Your Fire! Members Area by clicking HERE.


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