Friday, August 17, 2018
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Light Your Fire! 30-Day Challenge Day 30

Light Your Fire!  

Hi [wlm_firstname],   

Welcome to Day 30 of the Light Your Fire! 30-Day Challenge!  

Today is about powerful endings and new beginnings. 

Here is your chance to end your Challenge with a BANG, and set yourself up to begin your next 30-Days in the Challenge like a SKYROCKET!

As you go through your day, remember to acknowledge yourself for the incredible job you’ve done over the last 30 days! 

And yes, remember to HAVE FUN!

To Your Magnificence!

Andrea Woolf
The Queen of Having it All 




Now for Day 30!



Topic of the Week


Can You Have It All?

YES! Of course you can! And it’s entirely in your hands. What would your life look like if you loved everything about it—If you were living a life where you didn’t settle or stop short of what you really want?  



Step 1: Daily “Shot of Andrea” Recording


Andrea Woolf - The Queen of Having It AllYour Daily Shot of Andrea Recording go over your daily practices and keep you inspired throughout the day.

Click the button below to listen to your Daily Recording.



Click this button to download your recording. [includewlmlevel inclevelid=”1340960245″ messagetodisplay=”(Content for Light Your Fire Gold Members only.)“] [/includewlmlevel]



Step 2: Sizzling Affirmations


Sizzling Affirmations

Your Sizzling Affirmations will keep you motivated and focused throughout the day. They will help you create new possibilities to replace your old and limiting beliefs. You can also use them to find strength if doubt creeps in.

Make them a priority.  Create time first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and as often as possible throughout the day to repeat your affirmations.


Here are this week’s Sizzling Affirmations.  Now say them out loud with passion and gusto!

☆  I love everyone and everything in my life.
☆  I live the life of my design.
☆  I CAN have it all!



Step 3: “Light Your Fire!” Practices 


Light Your Fire Observation Exercise

Your practices today are all about…

Having It ALL! 

Writing Practice 

Look back over yesterday’s practices. Then review all your practices over the last 30 days. Where are there still gaps in your business and personal life?

Where do you still want to create changes? Where could you step up your game and really go for it?

Action Practice

  • Pick three or four items from the business and personal lists you created yesterday and throughout the last 30 days. Choose the items that are the most meaningful to you, where you feel the most yearning.
  • For each of the items you choose, list the action steps it will take to create this change. 
  • Pick at least one action you can take for each item. 
  • Now, REALLY go for it! Take action! 

Appreciation Practice

  • Celebrate your successes from today, no matter what happened, what outcome, what results! Just the fact that you took action on something where you were formerly stuck is a huge success! 

Review Practice

  • Click HERE to download, print and fill out your Weekly Progress Journal Page
  • Answer the questions not just for the past two days, but also for the entire 30 days of the Challenge. 
  • Be detailed about where you took chances and what you achieved. 
    • Where you achieved success, and where you went further than you thought you could go. 
    • Where you had aha moments, and where you had breakthroughs.
    • Also include where you felt challenged and even where you got stuck. 
    • How much did you accomplish in the last 30-days? 
    • Where did you surprise yourself with all the action that you took?
    • Where are you most proud of your progress?
    • Where did you really go for it in this Challenge, or could you have gone for it with more verve?
    • Where are you thrilled with the progress that you’ve made?



Step 4: Hot Resources


Light Your Fire Resources


The articles you’ll find here in each day will help you gain more clarity around the Weekly Topic and the Daily Assignment.

Check out this article: 

Inspirational Sayings: What New Endings Do You Want to Create?




Step 5: “Light Your Fire!” Facebook Groups


You’re Light Your Fire! 30-Day Challenge is almost complete!  

Be sure to post your answers to the questions below will help you qualify to WIN one of 3 FABULOUS Prizes! 

FREE Members:

Click HERE to go to your public Facebook Group.


GOLD Members:

Click [includewlmlevel inclevelid=”1340960245″ messagetodisplay=”(Content for Light Your Fire Gold Members only.)”]HERE[/includewlmlevel] to go to your private Facebook Group.


Please answer these questions on your Group page TODAY:

  • What did you learn during the last 30 days?
  • What significant action did you take during the last 30 days?
  • What exciting results did you get during the last 30 days?


Keep a lookout, by the 5th of next month we’ll announce the lucky winners of the Most Improved Entrepreneur Contest on both Facebook Group pages, so we can all celebrate their progress and the success they have achieved!

It could be YOU!



Congratulations [wlm_firstname], you did it!

You completed your first 30 days of the

Light your Fire! 30-Day Challenge!


Be sure to check your Facebook Group for this month’s winners of the Most Improved Entrepreneur Contest.  The 3 lucky winners will be announced shortly!


So, what’s next?

How can you keep moving powerfully forward?


For 30 amazing days, you’ve taken powerful steps towards creating the juicy life of your dreams.


Keep It Up!


GOLD Members, as you continue on with the Challenge, it’s your opportunity to go even deeper and see what more you can accomplish and create in your business and personal life.  Tomorrow, go to your Members Area and begin on Day 1 to experience the 30-Day Challenge even more powerfully.  And be sure to continue attending your LIVE Weekly Calls!

FREE Members, you too can go deeper!  As promised you can sign up again for the Free Light Your Fire! 30-Day Challenge by clicking HERE, OR


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* * *

I look forward to ‘seeing’ you tomorrow and

watching you break through to the next level in the

Light Your Fire! 30-Day Challenge.


* * *

To Your Magnificence!

* * *


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