Friday, August 17, 2018
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Light Your Fire! 30-Day Challenge Day 6

Light Your Fire!  


Hi [wlm_firstname],   

Welcome to Day 6 of the Light Your Fire! 30-Day Challenge!  

Congratulations!  You did it!  You took powerful action towards the life you’ve been yearning for!

Regardless of the results, be proud that you took action and are really going for it.

Today is about two VERY important elements of living a fulfilling life: 

Celebration and Acknowledgment! 

Remember, everything is a process, so be gentle with yourself.

And most of all, remember to HAVE FUN!

To Your Magnificence!

Andrea Woolf
The Queen of Having it All 


P.S.  If you’d like to experience more partnership and fun while taking the Challenge, feel free to invite your friends and family!  Encourage each other along the way, and watch your commitment level rise and your successes get even sweeter!


P.P.S. GOLD Members, don’t forget to schedule your Have It ALL Strategy Session!  For more information see below, or just click [includewlmlevel inclevelid=”1340960245″ messagetodisplay=”(Content for Light Your Fire Gold Members only)“]HERE[/includewlmlevel] to go right to my calendar. 




Now for Day 6!



Topic of the Week


Are You Stuck?

This week is about the hooks that get you stuck and keep you from living the juicy life you want to live.  



Step 1: Daily “Shot of Andrea” Recordings


Andrea Woolf - The Queen of Having It AllYour Daily Shot of Andrea Recordings go over your daily practices and keep you inspired throughout the day.

Click the button below to listen to your Daily Recording.



Click this button to download your recording. [includewlmlevel inclevelid=”1340960245″ messagetodisplay=”(Content for Light Your Fire Gold Members only.)“] [/includewlmlevel]



Step 2: Sizzling Affirmations


Sizzling Affirmations

Your Sizzling Affirmations will keep you motivated and focused throughout the day. They will help you create new possibilities to replace your old and limiting beliefs. You can also use them to find strength if doubt creeps in.


Make them a priority.  Create time first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and as often as possible throughout the day to repeat your affirmations.


Here are this week’s Sizzling Affirmations.  Now say them out loud with passion and gusto!

☆ My true potential lives in the choices I make now.
☆ My options and opportunities multiply as I take action.



Step 3: “Light Your Fire!” Practices 


Light Your Fire Observation ExerciseToday is ALL ABOUT YOU!

Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, and that you have the heart and mind to create a TRULY incredible life.

If you didn’t get the results you wanted, congratulations! You’re building the strength and skill needed to create exactly what you want.  Just like muscles, when you work them they get stronger.  Keep going and you’ll see results before you know it!

If you got the results you were expecting, congratulations!  Keep going.  Keep moving forward.  

Regardless of your results, by continuing in the Challenge you’re building momentum that will help to make you unstoppable!

Appreciation Practice –  Time to Celebrate!

Celebrate the successes from yesterday, no matter what happened, what outcome, what results! Just the fact that you took action on something where you were formerly stuck is a huge success!

Now that you’re inspired with yourself, take another action or two from your business and personal lists!



Step 4: Hot Resources


Light Your Fire Resources


The articles you’ll find here in each day will help you gain more clarity around the Weekly Topic and the Daily Assignment.

Check out this article: 
Forget To Give Words of Appreciation to Yourself? 




Step 5: “Light Your Fire!” Facebook Groups


Come by and visit with your Light Your Fire! Facebook Group!

Use your Group to ask questions, find support, get clarity, share your successes, and discuss challenges you run into while taking the Challenge.


FREE Members:

Click HERE to go to your public Facebook Group.


GOLD Members:

Click [includewlmlevel inclevelid=”1340960245″ messagetodisplay=”(Content for Light Your Fire Gold Members only.)”]HERE[/includewlmlevel] to go to your private Facebook Group.



Step 6: GOLD Member LIVE Calls With Andrea    


Gold Member Live Calls

 Be sure to attend your weekly LIVE Calls with Andrea!   

In these LIVE and LIVELY 1-hour interactive calls, you’ll explore the life-enriching topic of the week.  You’ll also have the opportunity to work directly with Andrea. 

***To register for your weekly calls, please click [includewlmlevel inclevelid=”1340960245″ messagetodisplay=”Content for Light Your Fire Gold Members only“]HERE[/includewlmlevel].***    


PLEASE NOTE: Be on the lookout for emails from Ina Gilmore with your Live Weekly Call reminders and information.  Please be sure to add her to your contacts and/or place her in your email “safe list.”  If you don’t see an email from her come through, please check your spam folder. 

For instructions to get onto your LIVE Calls, and to check out the system requirements for GoToWebinar,  click [includewlmlevel inclevelid=”1340960245″ messagetodisplay=”Content for Light Your Fire Gold Members only.“]HERE[/includewlmlevel].*** 


 Download of Your LIVE Call 

 What if you’re a GOLD Member and you can’t make the call?  No worries!  

 Want to listen to the Weekly call and get inspired all over again?  Absolutely! 

 You can listen to the Weekly calls anytime, anywhere.  As a GOLD Member, you can download the recordings of your LIVE Weekly calls and place them on your favorite listening devices. 

Click [includewlmlevel inclevelid=”1340960245″ messagetodisplay=”Content for Light Your Fire Gold Members only.“]HERE[/includewlmlevel] to access your weekly recordings. 


***Not yet a GOLD Member?  Click HERE to upgrade.***



Andrea WoolfHave It ALL Strategy Session

Are you an action taker and ready to take your life to the next level? 

If you’re a GOLD Memberclick [includewlmlevel inclevelid=”1340960245″ messagetodisplay=”(Content for Light Your Fire Gold Members only)“]HERE[/includewlmlevel] to schedule your 1-hr. one-on-one Have It ALL Strategy Session with Andrea!

In your strategy session, you’ll clarify where you would like to take your life to the next level and make significant changes!  Your session will help you uncover your ideal vision and a strategic approach to accomplishing it! (regularly $997)

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Final Thoughts:   

Congratulations!  Great job!  You’ve made it through Day 6.

Have you completed today’s assignments?  Remember, each day builds on the days before.  Be sure to complete all your assignments so you’ll get the FULL value of the Challenge! 

If the little voice in your head has been stopping you, think of this:  

You can have excuses or results.  Which do you want?  

The steps on these pages are laid out to make it easy for you to follow, and to keep you moving forward.  They both guide you to see what you want to change in your life, as well as what you can do to create this change.

It’s time to make the new and different choices it will take to Light Your Fire! and take your life to a whole new level.

Can’t wait to ‘see’ you tomorrow! 


***To see the other Daily Practice Pages you have access to, go to your Light Your Fire! Members Area by clicking HERE.




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