Friday, August 17, 2018
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Ignite Your Life! Group Coaching Program Member Area



Hi [wlm_firstname]!

Welcome to your special Ignite Your Life! Group Coaching Program Members Area! 

This is your private Members Area where you’ll access the materials you’ll need to successfully navigate the Program.

Be sure to bookmark this page so you can easily find your way back here.

Anytime you want to access this page, remember to first login over on the right side of this page. 


Now let’s get started!

To get you powerfully into action and keep you motivated, each week you’ll:

  • Attend your Group Coaching Calls
  • Watch your short Power Video (recorded lesson)
  • Complete your Action Steps

Information on how and when to get on your weekly Group Coaching Calls will be emailed to you.  If you don’t get your email, please click HERE and let us know.

To access the audio recordings of your weekly Group Coaching Calls, go HERE


Weekly Lessons

Power Videos & Action Steps


To access your Lessons, Power Video and Action Steps each week, simply click the lesson you’re on from the list below:


Module 1 Harnessing Your Mind
Unit 1 Lesson 1: Cultivate Your Mindset for Extraordinary Business Success
Unit 2 Lesson 2: Activate Your Mindset for Spetacular Relationships
Unit 3 Lesson 3: Prime Your Mindset for Miraculous Time Mastery
Unit 4 Lesson 4: Invigorate Your Mindset for Dynamic Well-Being
Module 2 Creating Your Vision and Playing to Win
Unit 1 Lesson 5: Identify What's Been Holding You Back
Unit 2 Lesson 6: Envision Your Ideal Life
Unit 3 Lesson 7: Establish Guideposts to Support Your Vision
Unit 4 Lesson 8: Design Your Roadmap to Success
Module 3 Achieving Extraordinary Business Success
Unit 1 Lesson 9: Infuse Values & Purpose Into Everything
Unit 2 Lesson 10: Be a Great Leader
Unit 3 Lesson 11: Attract & Keep Your Ideal Clients
Unit 4 Lesson: 12 Make Money to Live Your Dreams
Module 4 Improving your Relationships
Unit 1 Lesson 13: Getting Yourself Unstuck
Unit 2 Lesson 14: Create In the Now
Unit 3 Lesson 15: Know Your Ideal Outcome
Unit 4 Lesson 16: Create Lasting & Luscious Intimacy
Module 5 Practicing Conscious Communication
Unit 1 Lesson 17: Common Pitfalls to Avoid
Unit 2 Lesson 18: Choose to Respond vs. React
Unit 3 Lesson 19: Essential Elements of Concscious Communication
Unit 4 Lesson 20: Empower Through Communication
Module 6 The Power of Acknowledgment
Unit 1 Lesson 21: Use Acknowledgement as a Transformational Business Practice
Unit 2 Lesson 22: Express Acknowledgement to Spice Up Your Love Life
Unit 3 Lesson 23: Offer Acknowledgement to Connect Deeper With Family & Friends
Unit 4 Lesson 24: Acknowledge Yourself to Spark Personal Vitality
Module 7 Achieving Time Mastery in Your Business
Unit 1 Lesson 25: Review Your Brilliant Big Picture Vision
Unit 2 Lesson 26: Track Your Progress for Peak Results
Unit 3 Lesson 27: Re-prioritizing Your Valuable Time
Unit 4 Lesson 28: Make Time for the People Important to Your Business
Module 8 Achieving Time Mastery in Your Personal Life
Unit 1 Lesson 29: Design Your Brilliant Big Picture Vision
Unit 2 Lesson 30: Commit Time to Those Who Make a Difference in Your Life
Unit 3 Lesson 31: Take Care of Your Precious Body
Unit 4 Lesson 32: Feed Your Soul & Regenerate Your Spirit
Module 9 Supercharge Your Body & Mind
Unit 1 Lesson 33: Energize Your Body With Conscious Diet & Exercise
Unit 2 Lesson 34: Manage Stress to Soothe Your Body & Soul
Unit 3 Lesson 35: Honor Your Need for Rest & Rejuvenation
Unit 4 Lesson 36: Embrace Your Magnificence
Module 10 Enriching Your Emotions & Spirit
Unit 1 Lesson 37: Stay Committed to Your Personal Growth
Unit 2 Lesson 38: Support Systems For Your Healthy Sense of Self
Unit 3 Lesson 39: Accept Yourself, Love Yourself
Unit 4 Lesson 40: Coming Home to Your Spirit
Module 11 Laying the Foundation for Making a Difference
Unit 1 Lesson 41: Mindset
Unit 2 Lesson 42: Clarify the Level of Commitment You’re Ready to Make
Unit 3 Lesson 43: Answer The Call
Unit 4 Lesson 44: How & Where to Begin
Module 12 Philanthropy in Action
Unit 1 Lesson 45: Live The Dream
Unit 2 Lesson 46: Feel Good
Unit 3 Lesson 47: Find Your Purpose
Unit 4 Lesson 48: Start the Tidal Wave
Module 13 Having it ALL
Unit 1 Lesson 49: Live a Life Where You Have it ALL
Unit 2 Lesson 50: Choose Easy vs. Hard
Unit 3 Lesson 51: Make Gratitude the Foundation for Your Life
Unit 4 Lesson 52: Celebrate Your Incredible Life Journey






Ignite Your Life! Paperback

Ignite Your Life Book

Do you love to hold the book you’re reading in your hands and be able to highlight passages, or write down your insights in the margins?

If so, click HERE to purchase your paperback version of the book, Ignite Your Life! How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be. 

The book also makes a great gift for your friends and family who are looking to Ignite their own lives!


To your magnificence!


Andrea Woolf - The Queen of Having It All




Andrea Woolf
The Queen of Having It All


P.S. Have questions about anything on this page? Click HERE to contact us.


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