Are Mission and Vision Statements Really Necessary?

Miranda had been struggling with her team.  Somehow they just weren’t operating as a cohesive unit.  They weren’t on the same page, and nothing seemed to be working to get them to cooperate more with each other.   
Mission and Vision StatementsHer team was disconnected—some were less committed than others and there was a real focus challenge.  She knew that she had to do something but the question was what?   
With all this, there was a lack of sense of direction to what they were up to, and now it was starting to affect the results in her business—the numbers were down.   
Miranda knew that some element was missing that would bring them together and have them operate as one but, for the life of her, she didn’t know what it was or where to find it.   
She decided to find out how some of her successful friends were managing their businesses because they apparently had less problems with their teams and they seemed to be thriving.  
Miranda discovered that what they all had in common were mission and vision statements that anchored their teams in a focused way.  
She did a little research and came back to the team with a plan of action.
Miranda included absolutely everyone in the team in the meetings to create their mission and vision statements.  She shared with them the big picture vision that she had for the company over the next five years.  Now it was up to them all to participate in filling in the gaps so that, as a team, they could come up with some simple, concise statements to express the mission and vision of the company.
Are mission and vision statements really necessary?

It was like magic!  
Miranda watched each of her team members come alive as they engaged in creating the mission and vision statements. Even those who had been the least proactive and seemingly the least committed jumped right in to be part of it.  Once they all saw they had a voice, they started contributing, and a whole new team was born.  
Through the process of creating the mission and vision statements, Miranda saw very clearly that it brought her team together, unified them, and gave them something to align on.  
Here’s how to use mission and vision statements so they are powerful and effective:

  • Bring your entire team together for a brainstorming meeting.
  • Share your vision with the team.
  • Have each team member contribute ideas, words and phrases.
  • Together create the concise statements that express the mission and vision of the company.

As they honed all of the ideas, phrases and words that they had all contributed, she saw very clearly that these statements showed who they were, what they stood for, and what they were up to in the world.  
Miranda realized both how powerful the creation process had been, as well as how effective living them was going to be.  
As they began to implement their mission and vision statements, she saw how anchored her team had become, and how incredibly committed they all were.   
These two simple yet powerful statements gave meaning and direction to everything they were doing.  Together they were truly a pathway to their very clear success!

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Article author: Andrea Woolf

Original article source: Are Mission and Vision Statements Really Necessary?

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