Can The Power of Positive Thinking Really Help?

What a really juicy question this is!
Do you need to ‘see it to believe it, or do you ‘believe it then see it’?  Whatever your answer is, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose by trying the power of positive thinking!
“What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true capability.  It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are.”  Anthony Robbins
In the article below, Sherril Lowe grapples with the question, has it been proven that positive thinking really helps?

Scientific Studies on Positive Thinking
I was just reading an article in Scientific American entitled Can Positive Thinking Be Negative?  I have to admit, when I read the title I shook my head in disbelief! How could positive thinking be negative? That just does not make sense? Deep in our souls I believe that we all know positive thinking allows us to have a more confident approach to every day which leads to a more fulfilling life. Sure, we all have bad days when the struggles make it difficult to smile and look at the bright side. Things happen, like the death of a family member, which can totally take the entire positive out of your step for a while. However, my belief is that by training our minds and developing the ability to refocus our thoughts allows us to have less stress, better relationships, and more successful careers. Overall, positive thinking people appear to be healthier and happier.
Since that last statement is my opinion and not a fact that I could prove, I decided to do my research and see if there has been any scientific research on the power of positive thinking. I found many articles that claimed to have proven the power of positive thinking but I felt these experiments either did not show strong correlations or proper research methods were not being used. For example, Dr. Emoto’s research on water crystals probably is the most famous positive thinking experiment thanks to the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” However, all my research finds that Dr. Emoto did not utilize proper research techniques. (wonderful and informative article here)
So does this mean that I am wrong? I do not believe so. I am sure you have heard of the placebo effect. This is when people start to feel better after taking a sugar pill or two. The same magazine, Scientific American, has an interesting article here that talks about the proven fact that our minds can heal our bodies. It has been discovered that when a person receives a placebo, the body actually produces chemicals that simulate the same healing as medicine would have. It encourages the immune system and releases hormones that are beneficial.
There is even more good news for positive thinkers and optimists. Scientist have ascertained that optimists have a fifty-five percent lower risk of death for all causes and a twenty-three percent lower risk of death from heart failure. Again, from Scientific American, there is an article discussing the research here.
While I truly do not believe that there has been any totally accurate research completed that proves my initial statement, I still believe that positive people are happier, more successful, healthier and live fuller lives. Can I prove it? No.
Can you prove me wrong?
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The Miracle Mindshift ProgramCan The Power of Positive Thinking Really Help?
Absolutely!  In fact, it’s a fundamental key to creating and maintaining a healthy, happy and expansive life!
Here’s what Michelle says about the power of positive thinking:
“I now know that when I start my day thinking positive thoughts, my day goes FAR better than when I’m grumpy and focusing on what’s ‘wrong’ in the world and in my life.  It’s amazing how much easier things seem to go, and how much healthier and more peaceful I feel.  Then there’s the effect it has on other people.  When I’m positive, just about everyone else around me becomes positive too!  It creates this giant ripple…how great is that?!”
There are continuing studies done and much written about how learning new things, and thinking new thoughts create new neural pathways in the brain.  At the beginning, these new connections are weak, then with repetition, the pathways become stronger.  Some people call this brain training.  Just like strengthening a muscle, as a neural pathway gets stronger, it becomes easier.    
It goes to follow then that if you think positive thoughts, those thoughts will create all kinds of marvelous neural pathways, which in turn makes it easier and easier to do what you want!
Make it a daily routine to monitor your thoughts.  If you notice yourself thinking the worst, expecting to be disappointed, or seeing the negative in the world and in the people around you, do something to break the cycle.  Redirect your attention to:

  • Think empowering and generous thoughts
  • Focus on positive thinking
  • Look for what’s good and even great in the world and the people around you
  • Believe that it is possible to achieve what you’re most passionate about
  • Know that you have the resources to get yourself there!

Do this and you’ll prove for yourself the immense power of positive thinking! 

Regularly thinking positive thoughts is something you can develop on your own with practice.  Working with others who are also focusing on the power of positive thinking will help to get you there more quickly, and at times even miraculously!  Are you ready to take control of your life and learn HOW your thoughts create your experience?  Are you willing to dedicate just one month to see AMAZING results?  Click HERE or go to to sign up for the Miracle Mindshift 31-day program, and start creating MIRACLES in your life TODAY! 


To your magnificence!

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