What Are the Top Three Reasons to Have Mission and Vision Statements?
mission and vision statementsIt’s important to have mission and vision statements for many reasons.
Here the focus is on the top three, which are key to your overall success in business and in life!
1. They Give You The Competitive Edge
One of the most important strengths to have in business and in life is to be able to communicate about yourself.  That means being able to articulate who you are.  It’s amazing how many business owners express quite well what they do, but very few are able to take it much further.  
For others to truly get you and your company and want to do business with you, it will take understanding what distinguishes you from the crowd.  It is this that will give you the competitive edge.  Your mission and vision statements surely serve to do that.  They give voice to what you’re up to, what you stand for, what you’re committed to, and how you contribute to the world.

2. They Give Meaning to What You Do
Mission and vision statements serve to provide a broader purpose: to give the team something powerful to align on.  
The very creation of these statements is a great opportunity to do powerful team building.  Bring them together and have them contribute ideas and language for both.  That way they will truly be a part of everything that your company is up to today, as well as creating the future.
When each and every team member is aligned with your overall purpose, such as how your company makes a difference in the world, and each person within the team gets that they are an important jigsaw puzzle piece in making that happen, you will have a truly unstoppable team!  
And the sky’s the limit in what’s possible to achieve through your business!
3.  They Generate More Passion and Commitment
There is no doubt that when you have powerfully resonating mission and vision statements, your team will align themselves with you.  Your team will care more about what they’re doing.  
In other words, what you won’t have is people just treading water, looking at their watch, just waiting until the day is over and they can go home.  What you WILL have is people who go the extra mile, who want to contribute to something great and grand, with more passion and more commitment.  
Is this not your business dream come true?!  
What are the top three reasons to have mission and vision statements?
Here they are:

  • They give you the competitive edge.
  • They give meaning to what you do, not only for yourself but also each and every person on your team.
  • As a result, everyone is much more passionate and committed. Surely, this will be your business dream come true!

 Mission and vision statements are the cornerstones to a successful business worth having and a fulfilled life worth living.  You deserve to ‘have it all’ in your life.  If you’re ready to take the first step towards being completely clear and powerful in every area of your life, click HERE or go to the Buy The Book Now! link on this site to get your copy of Ignite Your Life!  How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be TODAY!

To your magnificence!

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