Friday, February 22, 2019
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Light Your Fire! 30-Day Challenge

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Light Your Fire!


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Go from Settling to Sizzling:

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Andrea Woolf - The Queen of Having It All“Imagine what it would be like if you loved absolutely everything about your life. Imagine you aren’t holding back at all.  Imagine you have no fear and are daring to play bigger than you have ever dared.  Imagine a life without resignation, without suffering, or just getting by.  Imagine your life is just as you imagine, just the way you want it, and it’s totally of your creation.”

  A life of ‘Having It All’.



How is your life going? 

Are you thriving and growing in every area of your life?  Or are there areas where you’re struggling or even completely stuck?

Do you have MANY demands on your time and energy and then struggle to prioritize your life? 

Do you find yourself having to make difficult choices?  For example between business over family?  Or between family over your health?

Are you asking yourself, “How on earth can I balance everything and ‘have it all’ in life?  Or is it even really possible?”


 The answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!


It really is possible to have a life that looks, feels, and tastes like the life you’ve hoped for and dreamed about!  The question of course is how to create this for yourself…




Here’s an exciting FREE program that will spark your passion and transform your life



Light Your Fire!

30-Day Challenge

 Ignite Your Life

Go from Settling to Sizzling:

Unlock the secret to living an extraordinary life!


The Light Your Fire! 30-Day Challenge was created especially for you.  You will be reminded each and every day how great life really can be when you’re taking powerful steps towards what’s most important to you!  

Everyday you’ll listen to motivating recordings from Andrea and receive powerful processes and exercises to help you envisioncreate and take action towards the life you TRULY want to live.


You’ll learn about such topics as:  

 Are You Stuck? 

      • You’ll discover the hooks that get you stuck and keep you from living the juicy life you want to live.  For example, are you yearning for BIG love, and instead find yourself settling for morsels?

 What Was I Thinking?  

      • Have you ever asked yourself this question?  You’ll learn how what you’re thinking creates every experience and impacts everything in your life. What occupies your mind most, pessimist or optimistic thoughts?

 Have You Got Your Verve On? 

      • See what’s keeping you from living a passionate, purposeful life.  What choices are you making that either inspire or drain you of your energy?

 How Are You Prioritizing Your Life?  

      • Balancing all of the important elements of your life is like assembling a jigsaw puzzle.  What does yours look like?  What areas of your life capture most of your attention?

 Can You Have it All? 

      • What would your life look like if you loved everything about it—If you were living a life where you didn’t settle or stop short of what you really want? What do you love about your life, and what don’t you love?


 What’s included in the

Light Your Fire! 30-Day Challenge?


Here’s what you’ll receive when you sign up for this powerful FREE 30-Day program:

Your link to the private Light Your Fire! Members Area where you’ll have access to all of these valuable tools that will help you successfully complete your Challenge:

 30 Daily “Shot of Andrea” audio recordings

      • Andrea’s daily recordings will explain your daily assignments and keep you inspired throughout the day.  

 30 Daily “Light Your Fire!” Practices

      • These daily assignments contain written exercises and thought provoking processes designed to keep you powerfully moving forward. 

 Your Weekly Progress Journal

      • At the end of each week of your Light Your Fire! 30-Day Challenge, you’ll track your progress.  In this easy to use journal, you’ll answer 5 simple questions that will show you the tangible results you’re achieving.

 Repeat the Challenge Anytime!

      • Take the Light Your Fire! 30-Day Challenge as many times as you’d like.  After you’ve completed your first 30-day cycle, you can repeat the Challenge to focus more deeply on one area of your life.  Or you can focus on other areas that are important to you.

 Access to the “Light Your Fire!” FREE Group on Facebook

      • The Light Your Fire! FREE Group is where you’ll connect and interact with your Light Your Fire! community!  Here you can:
        • ask questions of your fellow participants
        • find support when you’re feeling stuck
        • get clarity
        • share your successes, and
        • discuss challenges you run into while taking the Challenge
      • To keep you moving forward, Andrea will drop in from time to time and offer support

  The opportunity to enter the Light Your Fire! Most Improved

      • All you have to do is take 3 SIMPLE STEPS to qualify, and you’ll be eligible to win one of these fabulous prizes EVERY MONTH:

*Grand Prize*  A WHOPPING $4,997 Value!

1-year membership to the Ignite Your Life! Group Coaching Program

In this 1-year, by invitation only coaching program, you’ll discover powerful strategies that will melt away the obstacles that have been keeping you perpetually frustrated.  You’ll also learn simple systems to help you design and live a truly fulfilling and juicy life!

*2nd Prize*  Total Value over $1,290!

Create Your Best Year Ever, Andrea’s 4-part audio series

(Valued at $297)

You will dream, and dream BIGGER. You’ll create a juicy vision that’s SO exciting you can hardly breathe. You’ll stop trying to figure out why you’re not getting what you want out of life. You’ll KNOW what it’s going to take…and you’ll BELIEVE you can do it! 


1-hr. one-on-one HAVE IT ALL Strategy Session with Andrea! 
(Valued at $997)

In your HAVE IT ALL Strategy Session, you’ll clarify what’s most important to you right now and where you want to make significant changes in your life.  You’ll uncover your ideal vision and a strategic approach to accomplishing it!  You’ll see what it will take to grow yourself and your vision, and the simple steps it will take to get you there. 

*3rd Prize*  Total Value $997!

1-hr. HAVE IT ALL Strategy Session with Andrea (See the exciting details above.)

Each and every month the 3 lucky entrepreneurs who follow the simple steps and make the most progress will WIN these fabulous prizes!

It could be YOU!


The Light Your Fire! 30-Day Challenge gives you a great start to creating the life you’re yearning to live!


Imagine yourself living life this way…


You’re leaping out of bed each morning to greet the day.

You love your business and the work you do.

You feel ignited and fueled by your passion.

You’re satisfied knowing that your actions are in alignment with your purpose.

You’re enthusiastically expanding and growing.

Your relationships are amazing.

You’ve got the key to your happiness, and you know how to use it!


Light Your Fire! 30-Day Challenge


You know that you make a difference.

You’re fulfilled.

You’re inspired by life.

You’re vibrant and healthy.

You’re happy and having fun in life.

And you know that tomorrow you’ll create the same!



Sounds great, doesn’t it?  It is!  And the mission of the Light Your Fire! 30-Day Challenge is to help you live life this way!  



Here’s all you need to do to get started in the

Light Your Fire! 

30-Day Challenge

right NOW 


Just press the  JOIN NOW button below.

Then check your email and confirm your registration.  And viola!  You’ll have instant access to your Members Area and your first day’s recording and assignment.

Sign up NOW and begin living the life you’re yearning for TODAY!



If you’re going to sizzle, you have to start somewhere!

The first step is to Light Your Fire! 


Join the FREE Challenge TODAY!




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