Are Relationship Problems Inevitable? Part 2
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In the previous article, Are Relationship Problems Inevitable?, clearly relationship problems are absolutely not inevitable.  That is of course if you have the right tools!
So, what are the right tools?
First, check in to make sure you have these key elements at play:


  • You let go of needing to be right.
  • You’re seeking to resolve and not blame.
  • You focus on your partner.
  • You seek to create understanding.
  • You come from love and forgiveness.
  • You’re clear what your intention is.
  •  You know your ideal desired outcome.

These powerful elements will help you create a safe atmosphere and set the stage for a positive outcome in any situation, especially in your more challenging relationship moments.  With them, you and your partner will have a better chance of easily, quickly, and permanently resolving any and all issues.

Here are great suggestions on how to solve relationship problems by Gordon Huntley, a psychotherapist from the UK, in Part 2 of his article:

Relationship Problems

Part 2. What can you do to help solve relationship problems?

  1. You need to be aware of passive or controlling behaviours.
  2. You need to be aware of blurred boundaries where there is only “we” and never “I”.
  3. You need to ensure that there is never just “I” and never “we”.
  4. Beware of always interrupting your partner and not letting them finish what they are saying.
  5. Beware of automatically blaming your partner.
  6. You need to listen to what each of you are saying.
    •  Fully hearing what is actually being said.
    •  Fully understanding what has been said.
    •  Give time to absorb and not just react.
  7. How does your partner know what you want?
    •  Do you tell them?
    •  Do you say it clearly enough in words that can be understood that
not only convey your thoughts but also your feelings?
  8. Constantly turn towards each other not away.
  9. No matter what your problem someone else has faced it as well.

You can seek support from relatives or friends, and some may be brilliant, but it is difficult for them as they have a vested interest – you are their best friend, son, daughter, brother, sister. This is where a therapist can help as they are totally neutral. They are there for both of you as you talk about very difficult and sensitive issues and take decisions about your future.

Article source:

Are Relationship Problems Inevitable? Part 2

Remember, you will get as much out of your relationship as you put in to it.  Just skating along and ‘hoping’ issues will work themselves out will only prolong the inevitable.  Real relationship problems!

Conversely, nothing takes the place of your time, devotion, energy and spirit of generosity when it comes to working on the most important relationship of your life.

Using these powerful tools will help you successfully navigate through rough relationship waters:

  • Make it safe so that both of you feel you can talk about anything.
  • Manage your emotions so that you’re not just reacting.
  • Communicate with and not at them.
  • Make time for your partner – your special one on one time.  Clearly prioritize them so that they get that you’re reaching out to connect in new and meaningful ways.
  • PAY ATTENTION!  Make sure that your words and actions are in alignment – say what you mean and mean what you say.  Be interested in your partner, and really show up.  Be there for them in every way.
  • Pay attention to the small moments in your relationship.  Savor them, because life really does happen in those small moments.  Make them matter.  Make your relationship more amazing than it’s ever been before.  Surprise your partner.  You’ll be amazed!  Once you do this, THEY will start surprising YOU!  Because that’s exactly what will happen.  It will be reciprocal.

Start TODAY and integrate these elements into your relationship – and watch what happens! When you’re proactively causing and creating your relationship, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE..!

Are you ready for more in your relationship with your significant other?  Are you ready to find more meaning and happiness?  It all starts with you!  To experience just how amazing you are much and how much you really have to offer, just click HERE or go to to take the FREE Seven Rites of Passage Life Purpose Quest.

To your magnificence!

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