Are Relationship Problems inevitable?
Are Relationship Problems Inevitable 275x183The simple answer is absolutely not!  In fact, they can be averted altogether.  All it takes are the right tools.

But without them, it feels like there’s absolutely no way to get clear about what’s really going on, and to understand what’s really at the heart of your partner’s and your upset.  And so you both find yourselves merely reacting to each other – at times like exposed electric wires!
It’s amazing how one seemingly insignificant issue can adversely every aspect of your relationship, from communication to sex and everything in between. 
Have you noticed how sometimes the smallest snowballs can turn into a sudden avalanche and cause real relationship problems if not tended to as they’re building up?!
Below is the astute take from Gordon Huntley, a psychotherapist from the UK, on what causes relationship problems.


Relationship Problems

“This is Part 1 of a two part exploration of relationship problems.  Part 1 briefly looks at possible causes for relationship issues and Part 2 then looks at what actions can be taken to resolve these issues.
As we all know relationships go through various phases and indeed change over time. 
In a sustained relationship there are many highs and lows and indeed fairly mundane plateau’s.  Many changes happen in life and these can impact on our relationship and even strong relationships can have rocky patches.

Relationship problems can be triggered by a multitude of issues.  Major events such as job loss or illness can cause significant personal as well as relationship stress which can then severely test the partnership to breaking point.
There are many factors that can cause tension in a relationship such as work, money, sex, children and these can slowly impact on the health of the relationship leading to issues.  One thing that often happens at this point is the breakdown of communication.  Unfortunately when life is busy it is only too easy to not realize or ignore how these pressures are impacting on our relationship.  More serious issues can then occur such as infidelity.
The fact of the matter is if you believe your relationship is in trouble then in all probability it is!  What you must keep in mind is that issues can be resolved. 
Remember to look out for Part 2 when we will look at what actions can be taken.”

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Are Relationship Problems Inevitable?
The key steps to take with your partner before things get out of hand are:

  • Explore together what triggered the issues in the first place.
  • Listen to each other with ‘open ears’ – in other words, resist the temptation to be right or need to have the last word.
  • Look at the role that you played in the unfolding drama, then gently invite your partner to do the same.
  • Take on seeing the situation from the other’s perspective.  It’s amazing how quickly your relationship will shift when each of you have empathy for the other’s point of view.

By simply taking these steps, you’ll cause the focus to move away from being upset and needing to be right, to mutual understanding and connection.
Have you noticed that, when your relationship isn’t going so well, everything seems gray and blah?  But when it’s going great, you have a spring in your step and all seems right with the world? 
So you owe it to yourself to give your partner and your relationship your all!
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