Do you have relationship problems in your business?
Do You Have Relationship Problems in Your Business?Do you love your business but dread dealing with your team members?  Do you sometimes yearn for the old days when it was just you?  Are you finding that your days are consumed with dealing with petty squabbles and personality issues between your team members?
These are some of the most common problems in business today, especially for you, the business owner. Aren’t they the most consuming and annoying aspects that you deal with in your business?
Well, it doesn’t have to be this way.   
What has probably happened somewhere along the way, is that you got really busy managing the day to day aspects of your business, taking care of operations, and bringing in new business, and you didn’t pay attention to the people side of your business.  
Seeing a void in leadership, certain people within your team most likely stepped in and started influencing the rest of the team.  Just like children, when they smell dissension amongst the leadership (in families it’s between Mom and Dad), they’ll act out.  
Teams in business are no different.  If certain people sense the space to misbehave, they will do so, and that’s where things will take a negative turn.
Does this sound familiar?
If you’re finding yourself at the end of your rope with all of the “people stuff” in your business, have faith because it is possible to turn these relationship problems around!
Start by putting a stake in the ground and deciding how you want it to go amongst the human beings who make up your team.  
Do you want a peaceful and harmonious working environment?  
Or do you want it be humming and busy and noisy and exciting?  If you have a sales team, for example, this is what you want.  You want the phones ringing and people celebrating when they close the sale.  You want TONS of energy!
If you’re running a CPA firm, you might want it friendly and energetic, but calmer.  To reflect the impression you want to give clients—professional, calm, and organized—as well as to create a great working environment in which to do focused, detailed accounting work.
 Or do you want your office more collaborative and collegial?   
Next, if you have a management team, pull them together.  If you don’t, pull the whole team togetherand that means everybody, including the people in your mailroom and at your reception desk – and share with them your vision for how you want the team to be running today.  
Invite each person to give some thought to what they can do or do differently to contribute to making that happen.  Give them an assignment on this so that you start to have a dialogue on turning your ship around in a much more positive direction.  

Do you have relationship problems in your business?

Schedule a meeting a few days later and debrief everyone’s ideas.   
Once you’ve had those couple of meetings, then build on it from there.  
To turn your relationship problems around, take these steps:

  • Decide how you want it to go amongst your team.
  • Pull your management team, or your entire staff, together in a meeting.
  • Share your vision with them.
  • Give them the assignment to come up with several ideas to help bring this vision into bein.
  • Keep engaging your team to work together bringing them back into a meeting to discuss the positive solutions they present.

Once you’ve got your team working together, now what do you want next in your business?
Are you looking to be more streamlined, or do you want to be more efficient, or just generally happier?
Whatever it is, then engage your team in this way.  You will see very quickly who’s on board with you and who isn’t.  With those people who aren’t, meet with them one-on-one and engage them.  Find out what’s missing for them to get fully on board.   
Little by little, you’ll see your team transform before your very eyes, from all the relationship problems you were experiencing to the team of your dreams.  
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To your magnificence!

Andrea Woolf

‘The Queen of Having It All
Author of Ignite Your Life! How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be
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