Here is the last article in this relationship series, and the answer to Where Do Relationship Problems Start? Pt.2

And now here’s the fRelationship Problemsinal ‘episode’: How Can You Solve Relationship Problems? Pt. 2

6.  Being focused more on yourself

How to solve this issue is to learn how to put the other ahead of yourself and then be willing to operate this way more often than not.  That doesn’t mean becoming superhuman and never being “selfish.”  However, when you’re able to put the other person first, and learn what it means to truly serve them and contribute to their well-being, it will truly work wonders in the relationship and reap huge rewards.

7.  Being consumed by work

This really isn’t complicated.  If you want your significant other to get that they’re important to you, it’s absolutely essential to set boundaries around your work.  That isn’t to say that there won’t be certain times when you have to completely dedicate yourself to your work.  However when your significant other sees you from time to time making them important–where you’ve completely set aside your work and made them number one–they in turn will feel special, and in turn treat you like you’re special. It’s magical how the Law of Reciprocity works!

Give yourself the gift of carving out that special one-on-one time with each other where you don’t allow for any interruptions. Turn off your phoneDon’t glance at e-mail. Resist that temptation.  Truly focus.  Be fully present, even if it’s just one hour in the evening.  Commit to making this change and it will transform your relationship!

8.  Stress/Not Sharing Your Load
It’s really tempting when you’re under stress to pull back, to isolate, and to try to deal with the challenges yourself.  However, by pulling back, you’re not allowing your significant other to understand what’s going on and to give them the opportunity to support you or contribute.

The simple solution when you’re feeling stressed, is to reach out to your significant other, even though it might be counter intuitive, and let them know that you’re feeling stressed.  It will be really helpful if you would then tell your partner what’s stressing you.  That way, they can at least understand and be there for you in whatever ways work for you – for example, be patient with you, give you a hug, give you space, or whatever it is you need at that time.  At best, they can work WITH you to find a solution!

Help them understand what it is you need, rather than relying on their psychic ability–this is not a great recipe for success in a relationship.

So, keep it simple, and let your partner know what’s going on.  All will be well.  You will both make it through those stressful times.

9.  Having No Reserves/Not Taking Care of Yourself

If you really care about somebody, you owe it not only to yourself, but also to your significant other to take care of yourself.  Let’s look at what this means.

How are you taking care of your body? This can refer to paying attention to what you’re eating, so that you’re truly feeding your body and nourishing yourself.  It can also mean getting exercise so that you’re healthy, fit, and in great shape – which in turn will give you more energy.

Also make sure you get enough rest. Are you cramming WAY too much into every day and going to bed stressed – then getting less and less sleep as a result?  So, make sure that you’re getting enough rest.

Don’t forget to take care of your soul and your spirit. Rejuvenation can take several forms. If you have some spiritual practices, for instance, that support you and nurture you, make sure that you’re incorporating them into your busy life.  This can also be something as simple as listening to your favorite, soothing music or reading your favorite book that uplifts you.

In addition, think about what brings you a sense of peace and harmony in your life and in your relationship.

If you have a garden that you love, make sure you spend time there.  If there is a mountain near you that you love to either look at or actually climb, go for it!  If you live by the ocean, and that really lifts your spirit, take a moment somewhere in your week and spend time there at the beach.  It can even be as simple as pausing and appreciating a flower.

Whatever it is for you that brings you a sense of peace and harmony, it will greatly enhance your spirit, and then your relationship – especially if you’re sharing it with that special person in your life.

10.  Not making time/prioritizing your life

The solution here is very simply to prioritize your relationship!

In fact, it doesn’t matter so much how much time you spend with each other, so much as ensuring the time you do spend with each other is quality, focused, special time.

The two of you get to say what that special time looks like.

It could be just quiet time together.  It could be having an amazingly fun, exciting adventure together!  You get to create it together.

The point here is that it’s not enough just to say to your loved one they’re ‘number one.’   Saying this to them is great, but what’s really meaningful and makes it real is when the design of your life and your actions are in alignment with your words.

How can you solve relationship problems?

Here’s how to do it:

  • Put your partner first.  Strive to serve them.
  • Set boundaries at work and prioritize time your partner.  Be fully present with your partner in your time together.
  • Share your challenges and concerns with your partner.  Give them a chance to share the load, support you, and help you.
  • Take care of your body, your mind and your spirit.  Get enough rest, eat well, and exercise.
  • Prioritize your relationship, not just with your words, but also with your actions.

Start incorporating all these tips and watch your partner blossom and your relationship transform before your very eyes!

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