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As I regularly assert, one of the most powerful ways to strengthen any business relationship is to show your appreciation for a job well done, for being great at what they do, for their commitment and contribution, and so on.  Most people are acknowledgement deprived.  So when you make that extra effort and actually acknowledge your prospect or client for something that’s great about them, you’ll be giving them a rare gift.  They’ll soak it up and appreciate you more!  What a great foundation for a business relationship!

How Well Do Words of Appreciation Work in Sales?

How Well Do Words of Appreciation Work in Sales 275x183

The short answer to this question is phenomenally well!
You might be surprised how truly powerful words of appreciation can be when it comes to sales.
Think about it.  How often are you WOWED by someone who’s selling you something?  If you can remember that rare experience, what did they do differently or beyond the norm?
Did they care about you?  Were they enthusiastic about what they were selling?  Were they attentive?  Or, were they pushy, indifferent, or only seemed concerned with closing the sale?
Elinor Stutz‘s article below offers other great tips on how to build strong sales relationships.

The Truth About Sales
The idea of selling unfortunately scares many due to the adjectives of unethical, manipulative and aggressive being associated with salespeople. In reality, a sale is nothing more than an agreement between two people regarding expectations of the product or service in question. Therefore a number of steps are required in order to successfully advance to the sale itself. But the overall theme of any sale is to develop trust by moving forward with integrity.
Develop Your Brand
All endeavors begin with you. Who are you, what do you enjoy and what makes you unique? How do you apply your unique talents to the service you provide? Once you have the answers clearly defined, craft a short message speaking to why potential clients should care. How will they benefit from working with you versus someone else in your field? Prospects wish to know this prior to purchasing from you.
Go The Extra Mile
Get to know your prospects and clients well. Like you, they are each unique therefore scripts do not work especially well. Before you speak or meet, research the company, their competitors and the industry. Just as you communicate your unique capabilities, how does your intended differ from their competitors?When you are able to speak to the research you completed during your conversation, the trust meter rises rapidly.
Q&A Works Best
The best technique you can use is to not make assumptions. Sometimes what seems so obvious will turn out to be false. By avoiding this pitfall you will adeptly continue to build trust.
Additionally, your prospect will appreciate the questions sensing you are truly interested in what they have to say. Most in the business of selling make the mistake of “telling selling”. They believe by talking at length showing their in-depth knowledge about the product, they will be highly admired. The opposite is true. The other party becomes quite bored and annoyed that you do not hold them in equal esteem to yourself. The sale is a 50-50 process and so the conversation must also be equal in nature.
Apply these concepts to social media
Be there for your following in terms of support, answering questions and referring to others. Build a community around your page by encouraging others to post there too. Freely share your expertise in your updates and tweets. Make it a resource area for others to grow too.
Just as others promote your programs, offer to promote theirs too. Move in reciprocity and others will find you and promote you, too. Your branding effort will enjoy a much wider reach. In this regard, more people will find you to offer opportunities as well as to work with you.
Show Appreciation
The easiest and sincerest method for building relationships is to simply say “Thank You” every time someone helps you. In your words of appreciation, ask if there is anything you might do to return the help. This encourages further help and support.
On another level, instead of asking for appointments indicating I wish to sell to the other party, I always ask, “Would you like to talk to find ways in which we may help one another?” No one has ever said “No”!
Dale Carnegie said it best, “A sale is the natural conclusion of a conversation.” When you enjoy the conversation recognizing a good fit between the two of you, all that is required is to ask at the end, “When would you like to start?” It’s simple, to the point and without manipulation. The other party will recognize you do move with sincerity and will be far more inclined to move forward as your client.
Just like the concept of truth in advertising, move forward with paying respect and delivering truth in sales. When you do, you will find it a Smooth Sale!
Article source: http://www.business2community.com/sales-management/the-truth-about-sales-0160266

How Well Do Words of Appreciation Work in Sales?
No matter what line of business you’re in, to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace look for ways to set yourself apart.  Commit yourself to a level of excellence that will *dazzle* your customers and clients – the kind of customer service that will leave them wondering how they ever lived without you, your service, or your products.
Consciously create your customer service experience so that your customers or clients know without question that:

  • you care about them
  • you’re passionate about what you do
  • you appreciate their business
  • you’re committed to excellence, quality, and integrity
  • you go above and beyond what’s expected to serve their needs, and
  • you absolutely love doing business with them!

Then deliver on it consistently!
In this way you will lay a wonderful foundation for a long and mutually beneficial relationship!
These simple practices and your words of appreciation will develop trust and create an alliance, both of which are crucial relationship building blocks.  Especially in sales!

Showing your prospects and clients appreciation, together with giving excellent customer service and a great product or service is a winning combination. You’ll reap the rewards, you’ll see! All is takes is being passionate and purposeful about what you do and why you’re doing it.

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To your magnificence!

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