Friday, January 18, 2019
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Updated: 11/21/13 What is preventing you from charging out into the world, baton held high, roaring “Carpe Diem”?  Is it your fear of failing?  Do you not have enough time?  Are you planning to get to it tomorrow or when it’s convenient?  Whatever your answer, if the thing putting off doing is something you really love, you can’t afford to wait another day!  The time to seize the day is today! Carpe Diem when? Seize the day when? The obvious answer is NOW! The only thing between what you want and taking action is YOU.  Yes, you’re the star of what pace you go at in creating... (Read More ...)

Carpe diem means Seize The Day – take action now, make bold moves, to create a bigger life. Are you doing this?  Or are you doing the opposite – procrastinating, putting things off, thinking things into paralysis, and waiting until you ‘feel like it’? Have you noticed that your I’ll get to it some day approach is getting you nowhere fast? And then you start feeling bad about yourself, sluggish, then fearful that you’ll never get out of this stuck place. Beth really, really wanted to be in a relationship. She’d been divorced for a number of years, with no children. All she... (Read More ...)