Friday, January 18, 2019
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  Are You in Alignment With Your Mission and Vision Statements? What’s more important, having great mission and vision statements for your business, or living a life that’s deep and fulfilling?   The answer of course is both.   In your business, when you and your team are in alignment with your mission and vision statements, you’re inspired and creating success while maintaining clarity of your vision.  When you’re living your personal life in alignment with your ideal vision and you core beliefs, you’re fulfilled.  And this fulfillment gives you the fuel you need to bring those... (Read More ...)

What Are the Top Three Reasons to Have Mission and Vision Statements? It’s important to have mission and vision statements for many reasons.  Here the focus is on the top three, which are key to your overall success in business and in life!  1. They Give You The Competitive Edge One of the most important strengths to have in business and in life is to be able to communicate about yourself.  That means being able to articulate who you are.  It’s amazing how many business owners express quite well what they do, but very few are able to take it much further.   For others to truly get you... (Read More ...)

Do you have family mission and vision statements? When you think of mission and vision statements, what comes to mind is for your business, correct? Your family, just like your business, is a group of people.  At times everyone is completely aligned.  But mostly everyone is busy, heading in completely separate directions!   In fact, as your kids get older, have you noticed that it’s much more like the latter, where everybody is doing their own thing?   Besides the two of you as parents, there isn’t anything else that actually unifies you. As you probably already know, this... (Read More ...)

Are Mission and Vision Statements Really Necessary? Miranda had been struggling with her team.  Somehow they just weren’t operating as a cohesive unit.  They weren’t on the same page, and nothing seemed to be working to get them to cooperate more with each other.    Her team was disconnected—some were less committed than others and there was a real focus challenge.  She knew that she had to do something but the question was what?    With all this, there was a lack of sense of direction to what they were up to, and now it was starting to affect the results in her business—the... (Read More ...)

In today’s global economy and with heavy competition from the other side of the world, it’s more essential than ever for you to have strong, clear purpose, no matter what business you’re in. When you know where you want to take your business in a clearly defined period of time; when you know who you serve; when you know what your values are; when you know what your company stands for in the world; and when you know how you want to make a difference, your success is GREATLY accelerated! Your mission and vision statements will drive your success.  Here’s how this works. When... (Read More ...)

Soon after the completion of Disney World someone said, “Isn’t it too bad that Walt Disney didn’t live to see this!” Mike Vance, Creative Director of Disney Studios replied.  “He did see it – that’s why it’s here.” Walt Disney is a perfect example of the power and magic of mission and vision statements.  With them, you can create miracles and make your dreams come true. Without them, your dreams remain stagnant fantasies. Without a strong vision you’ll go nowhere fast.  If you’re ready to create miracles and make your dreams come true, click HERE... (Read More ...)

Kimberly ran a successful immigration law firm.  Way back when she created it because it was her passion.  Then it grew as she got more and more clients, made up of individuals, families and corporations. Kimberly was strategic about hiring.  She hired people to fill the various roles – from attorneys to support staff – from all over the world.  So wherever her clients were from, there was someone on her team who could communicate with them in their language. Her team was a colorful array of men and women from every corner of the planet, all thrown together in the busy, vibrant environment. This... (Read More ...)

Your mission and vision statements are important and purposeful tools.  They’re definitely not accidental!  They speak volumes about you, who you are and what you’re up to in life.  And they reveal and express so much about you and your business. Through the act of creating your mission and vision statements, you create the opportunity to get clear about what’s most important to you.  And by keeping them near you at your desk, they will serve as a great reminder and keep you inspired and motivated! They reveal your dreams.  They are an expression of what you see possible for you... (Read More ...)