Friday, January 18, 2019
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What is the Secret Ingredient to Making Your Positive Affirmations Work? “Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.” Jim Rohn Are your affirmations really working for you?  Or do they only sporadically seem to give you a peek into the life you’re yearning to live? Just thinking about your positive affirmations isn’t enough.  And just writing them down isn’t enough either.  And looking at them only occasionally, or tucking them away in a folder somewhere, or burying them under a pile of books and then expecting them to somehow magically work in... (Read More ...)

Can Positive Affirmations Help Calm Anxiety?   Anxiety comes from the mind.  When your mind gets busy thinking unsupportive thoughts and taking you down a negative path, it then spreads into your emotions.  Since it all begins in your mind, anything you can do to manage your mind will help to calm anxiety.   A great place to start is to notice when your thoughts are negative.  At first this can feel like a monumental task.  Give yourself permission to become aware of them, to not judge them or react to them, just to simply notice them.  This is a powerful first step.  The next step is... (Read More ...)

How Can Positive Affirmations Help Your Self-Confidence? Have you been going through a tough time, and it’s left you feeling shaky about yourself?  As a result, are you finding that you’re questioning and doubting yourself?  Do you feel like you’ve lost your footing, and nothing feels solid or certain right now? If any of this resonates with you, you’re probably taking yourself into a negative vortex where it feels like there is no way out.   However, nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, there’s a really simple way to haul yourself out of that dark, lonely... (Read More ...)

How Do Positive Affirmations Work Best? There are several key elements to make your positive affirmations work.  The first element is to make your affirmations a priority.   You get to say what’s important in your life.  In other words, the level of importance that you attach to them will determine how they show up.  If you minimize or trivialize them, they will have very little power.  So, if you want your positive affirmations to be powerfully vibrant in your life, if you want to see them working quickly, the more of you that you put into them, the better the results–and the... (Read More ...)

Have you been getting hit or miss results with your positive affirmations?  Or do they seem to not work at all? Part of the human condition is that, if left alone, we flail around undisciplined and unfocused. In the world of positive affirmations, without structure, regular practice, and commitment, they have no way to take effect. So, quite simply, one of the ways to get the most out of them is to create structure in your day so that they actually have an impact and cause positive ripples throughout your day. That is the point of them! So what could structure look like?  There isn’t any one... (Read More ...)

Do positive affirmations seem to work great for other people but not so much for you?  Or maybe your results are hit and miss? There’s a secret to getting the most out of your affirmations–pay attention to the following three elements: 1. Be Relaxed This sounds completely obvious.  However, since you’re probably scurrying from one thing to the next, checking things off of your to-do list, you’re probably in “gotta get things done” mode instead of “breathe, relax and receive” mode . If you take on using your affirmations in this way, they may or may not be as effective. ... (Read More ...)

Let’s start with the basic premise: Thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions, actions lead to results. The idea behind this premise is that the mind is infinitely powerful!  All human experience starts with a thought, and this thought can be either positive or negative.  You actually get to choose either consciously or unconsciously which way that thought goes. Each thought is like a pebble hitting the pond.  It creates a ripple, and it’s either positive or negative.  From that ripple you feel your way into everything. This then leads to the actions you take, and in turn... (Read More ...)

Denise was tired of being in her body. She had tried every program known to mankind.  They either didn’t work – meaning she didn’t lose any weight at all – or she lost the weight, but as soon as she started eating normally again, she put it all back on, and then some! She was at her wits’ end.  She secretly hated her body, even though she put on a cheerful face to the outside world.  Getting in and out of the shower in the morning, she carefully avoided looking at herself in the mirror.  And she always chose clothes that were loose and comfortable, that covered up all her ‘flaws,’... (Read More ...)