Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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Here are the next five common sources of where relationship problems start. (To see Pt. 1 of this series, click here.) Any one of them can cause major stress in your relationships! 6. Being Focused More On Yourself: Usually relationships aren’t perfectly balanced all the time. Life doesn’t happen like that. However, when you’re more focused on yourself on a regular basis – on what you want and need – rather than on your significant other, it can cause resentment. 7. Being Consumed By Work: One of the most common indicators of relationship problems is being consumed by work. It’s understandable... (Read More ...)

As with anything in life, the earlier you notice it and nip it in the bud, the easier it is to defuse, handle and solve it.  It’s the same with relationship problems.  The sooner you catch them, the quicker you avert disaster in your relationships. Here are the first five common sources of relationship problems: 1. Poor Communication: There are clear signs when communication isn’t going so well. Typically there’s a challenge with your partner that’s causing  ineffective communication. Your relationship will sag when certain topics are avoided. And it’s even more extreme when you... (Read More ...)