Friday, February 22, 2019
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Updated date: 1/14/14 As I regularly assert, one of the most powerful ways to strengthen any business relationship is to show your appreciation for a job well done, for being great at what they do, for their commitment and contribution, and so on.  Most people are acknowledgement deprived.  So when you make that extra effort and actually acknowledge your prospect or client for something that’s great about them, you’ll be giving them a rare gift.  They’ll soak it up and appreciate you more!  What a great foundation for a business relationship! How Well Do Words of Appreciation Work in... (Read More ...)

How Do Your Words of Appreciation Help You Grow?
Here’s a wonderful quote from Voltaire for you: “Appreciation is a wonderful thing.  It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”     
Appreciation really makes a difference!  
 You might think that saying something great to another person will contribute to helping them feel better about themselves.  Let’s say you acknowledge a team member for something they’ve done well.  It definitely brightens their day, right?  Your thinking is definitely correct.  There’s nothing like... (Read More ...)

How Can Words of Appreciation Have Impact?  When you’re communicating, what is your primary goal?  Surely it is to have impact.  When you speak, is it just about the words you say?  What does it take for them to have impact?    This is especially important when it comes to words of appreciation.  Because when you’re expressing gratitude, appreciation, and acknowledgement you want it to be heard and to mean something to the person you’re saying it to.  So let’s take a closer look at what methods you’re using to communicate:   1.  Relying on psychic ability This is the most... (Read More ...)

Can words of appreciation cause a friendly divorce? Lisa and Steve were struggling in their marriage.   Each of them were in separate corners.  They had gathered around themselves friends and family who were not only doing nothing to make the situation better, they were making it a hundred times worse!  Each of their groups were just fanning the flame of everything that was wrong with the other and their relationship.   Lisa had known for quite some time that it wasn’t working out between them. They’d been married for almost fifteen years but were now almost strangers with each... (Read More ...)

Rebecca was at her wit’s end.  Her relationship with her 17-year old son, Michael, was becoming stranger and stranger.  What had happened to him? Michael had recently become reclusive and silent at home.  He would come and go rather like a ghost.  He would leave early in the morning hardly saying goodbye and then return home after his after-school activities much the same.  If he could get away with it, he would come in the door and walk through the house without saying the word, then go to his room and close the door.  Rebecca was getting more and more frustrated.  She felt so disconnected... (Read More ...)

With the speed that you’re operating at in today’s world, racing from one thing to the next, hardly catching your breath, it’s rare to experience this wonderful thing called appreciation. You’re so focused on getting the job done, completing tasks, getting the kids to the next activity, and checking items off your to-do list.  And you’re rushing through it all. However, you’re losing a certain quality in life–and that is appreciating those you love and care about. And imagine not only experiencing life that way, but also expressing your appreciation out loud! There’s... (Read More ...)

Have you ever thought about doing something for someone, then changed your mind, saying to yourself, “What difference will that make?” In other words, you talked yourself out of it and squished your great idea! It can be so tempting to keep playing it safe, to stay in your comfort zone when contributing to another.  When you do this, you avoid seeing and truly experiencing the HUGE difference you make! Avoidance in life isn’t the most effective strategy.  It’s like living life on hold, keeping it status quo and even keel — in other words mediocre.  However if you’re... (Read More ...)

How do you handle it when people say wonderful things to you? Often, you’re so ready with the next thing that you have to say, that you’ll speed right by and BARELY NOTICE the wonderful words of appreciation that someone has just given you! Or, you simply brush it off and hardly give those beautiful words a nod before hurrying forward. The more extreme version of this is to just DISMISS what the other says to you!  Let’s say you’re being acknowledged for some special skill that you have, or some amazing thing that you did for somebody, and you dismiss it by saying, “Well,... (Read More ...)

The answer is simple. ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE! It’s amazing how simple it is to brighten someone’s day, and yet it happens all too infrequently! It’s a common habit to notice what’s wrong with people, in fact it’s much more common to do this than to appreciate what’s great about them. Most people are appreciation and acknowledgement deprived—they’re not getting anywhere near enough. And ironically they’re not giving enough either. The two are very connected. Think about gifts. Usually when you give a gift, you’re not expecting to get something in return. It’s certainly wonderful... (Read More ...)

Trisha was a no-frills, fiercely independent force to be reckoned with. She grew up in a strict home where life was hard. Her parents had both grown up poor and worked hard to provide for Trisha and her two brothers. Her parents took good care of them – they clearly loved their children, but they were people of few words and truly minimalists when it came to showing emotion. It was expected that everyone would help with the chores without any acknowledgement or thanks. That was just how it was. Now as an adult, Trisha found herself running her business just like her parents ran the household. It... (Read More ...)